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Pictures of the journey to Dubai, Jan./Feb. 1999

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The monastery Marias Magdalinas North of Lamia in Greece lies lonely between green, lush vegetation
Looking back on 1/28/1999 to Europe in Gelibolu, Turkey. A half an hour ferry ride over the 'Dardanelles' brings us from Europe to Asia. Only more
than 14 years later we set
foot again on European soil
Al-Kiswah, the neighbouring
city of Syria's capital
Damascus, nestles at the
foots of majestic snow covered mountains bordering Lebanon

Camping under the desert stars near Az Zarqa in Jordan close to the Saudi Arabian border

A huge camel caravan moves through the endless desert of Saudi Arabia along perfectly built roads

A lonely sign in the flat desert of Saudiarabia shows the way to the border village of Batt'ha before the United Arab Emirates

Sculptures on Maidan Al-Itthad Street in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Teapots symbolize the hospitality of the Arab world

The skyline accross the creek of Dubai, the big trade city in the United Arab Emirates, seen from the Al-Maktoum bridge

The modern building of the 'Arabian Tower' in Dubai contains luxury residences and some luxury hotel suites. The restaurant, attached to the far top, overlooks the ocean. An own helicopter landing place has been built on the roof

Camels on their way to the training grounds of the race court in Dubai. Camels, known as 'desert ships' are able to smell water in the desert from a distance of two kilometers and can be on the road for 18 hours without resting
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Our 500'000th kilometer in Dubai on March 16th, 1999

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