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Pictures from Oman, April 1999

Oman fascinated us again on our third visit. The deep Arabian tradition,
the hospitality and the prevailing of safety are outstanding features.


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Wadi Bani Awf
Wadi Bani Awf lies in a deep canyon. The lush green of the date palms forms a marvellous contrast against the rugged steep mountains and provides cooling shade in the blazing sun. Dates have always been an important part of the Bedouin diet. Even today, they are offered with black coffee to guests.
Nakhl Fort
The impressive Nakhl Fort overlooks the green date palm oasis. The massive forts are outstanding landmarks in Oman. They were constructed on strategic locations to protect the villagers from enemies.

Market in Nakhl
The oriental markets are exotic and lively, where local inhabitants in their immaculate white Dishdashas meet and bargain loudly over prices. Bargaining is traditionally a matter for men. Markets not only serve to acquire essential goods, they are also gathering places for exchanging the latest news.

Mountain road at Wadi Andam towards Sinaw
The mountain roads in Oman are engineering masterpieces and spectacular. Some have a blacktop surface, others are just graded dirt roads, only negotiable by 4-wheel drive vehicles, but all of them lead through unique mountain scenary.

Stillness lies over the lonely desert camp in Sinaw
One often forgets that water shortage is the central problem of daily life.
Sunset in an Acacia Plain

Calf and goat market in Nizwa
Early morning, the Nizwa calf and goat market in the pictoresque setting under palm trees is a very bustling place. The animals are presented to the crowd on the round market place with much shouting and bargaining, until a buyer is found. Many of the bearded men are here just for the entertainment.

Bay of Bandar Khayran
The secluded, calm beach of Bandar Khayran offers an idyllic campsite.

Wahibah sands
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These pictures have been shot with a Sony Mavica FD91 Camera and improved with an IBM Thinkpad 390.

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