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Our first, exciting 4x4 experience in the Canyonlands NP

Again Swiss license plates! Emil is very excited as he spots Marco and Ursula with their UMM, a Portuguese jeep called 'Muddy'. Very soon we find out that the couple is already more than three years on the road. Marco, an experienced traveller and 4x4-professional, convinces us to join him on a cross-country drive to the Angels Arch. As also the park ranger assures us that the track is absolutely no problem for a sturdy all terrain car and can be done in three hours, we agree to experience our very first 4x4 adventure.
Camping in Canyonlands (15930)

On our way to Angel Arch (15932)
  But we need double the time, as we are pushing the Toyota under a deep blue sky with 8 km/h through brutally steep passages, balancing over huge stone boulders, crossing riverbeds filled with water and struggling again and again not to turn over. Often we have to act like sailors, hanging out on one side of the car. Sometimes, we cannot appreciate and enjoy enough the beautiful nature, the red colour of the rocks, the yellowing leaves of the Indian summer and the brillant desert flowers, as all we are thinking is to end this exciting journey safely.

But, as suddenly the stone arch with the formation of a flying Angel appears, we feel relaxed and happy at the same time. Marco and Emil pose for a photo flushed with victory.
Canyonlands National Park (16009)

On our way to Angel Arch (16003)
  And in the evening, we have two reasons to celebrate: First, our successful 4x4 adventure, and second, it is exactly one year since we left Switzerland to explore the world. With tomato spaghetti and plenty of red Californian wine, each passage of the adventurous trip is embroidered again in details. At the end, even a long stored 'Mövenpick' cake from Switzerland finds its way to our camping table. And, as the climax of the day, millions of stars are glittering on a velvet black sky.