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12 - 16 March 2001 -- Travel News Updates

Travel News Archives
  • Guinness record holders visit
  • Minister of Environment praises Presidential decision
  • Samana senator says he will resubmit hotel development bill
  • Luggage porters besiege Puerto Plata International again
  • President Mejia halts planned hotel development in two parks
  • US economy slowdown could be good news for hotels
  • Congress could award Higuero airport to Aerodom
  • More National Park lands for hotel development
  • Navy rescues 17 tourists at sea
  • Easter Week fare sale
  • Bo Derek, Princess Von Furstenberg and Isabel Presley in Santo Domingo
  • Washington Post on DR ball playing

Guinness record holders visit
El Siglo newspaper reports on the arrival to Santo Domingo of Liliana and Emil Schmid, a Swiss couple that has been on a world tour for the past 16 years. The couple entered the Guinness Book of World Records when they visited their 114th country, the Vatican. Emil Schmid told El Siglo that he started the trip in 1982 when his idea was to repeat the travels of Julius Verne. The couple never had children. He explained he has traveled extensively in America, Asia, Africa and Europe on board a Toyota Landcruiser all-terrain vehicle.
In the DR they will go East from Santo Domingo, and then onto Samana before heading South and West on their way to visit Haiti. While in the Caribbean, they will also visit Puerto Rico, and then Central America (Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua). The maritime portion of their trip is sponsored by Nordana Line represented in the DR by E. T. Heinsen.
For more on their world tour, see
http://www.weltrekordreise.ch/a_starte.html(16 March 2001)

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