World Record travelers visit Harrison Junior School!

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By: Richard Glenn Jefferson

7th grade student at Harrison Junior School

     On Friday September 21st, Emil and Lillian Schimid visited Harrison Junior High.  They have been traveling through the world in a Toyota Landcruiser since October16,1984.  Mr. and Mrs. Schimid have been on the road in the same vehicle for 17 years.  Emil and Liliana have been to 138 different countries

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     Even though they have had numerous flat tires and needed many oil changes, the have had only one major breakdown.  They were on Los Angles highway where the tire vibrated off.  "We only get about ten miles a gallon," said Emil.

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     Emil does all the driving, and Liliana does the cooking and keeps a diary of what they did during the day.  They buy their food at markets they are near when they need food.  They cook on a camping stove and sleep in their vehicle. 

     They have been to six of the seven continents.   The only continent they haven't  been to is Antarctica.  They are in The Guinness Book of World Records for the longest journey, the most countries ever visited in a single vehicle.

      They are talking their trip to get out of the ordinary way of life, and to not have a daily routine.  Mr. and Mrs. Schmid and have no regrets.  "We would gladly take our journey again," said Liliana.

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