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Hot News - January 2005   (Jan. 22, 2005)

On October 18th, 2004, we celebrated our 20th anniversary "on the road" in St. Martin/St. Maarten


The Caribbean “Cruise” with our LandCruiser ended after nearly 20 months and twelve new countries.
Since December 28, 2004, we are back on the South American continent: Georgetown/Guyana.
Although our LandCruiser arrived here already on January 17, 2005, on board of the American
SeaboardMarine and the Dutch EWL on a free passage, we were not yet able to release it due to
customs problems and statewide flooding . In addition to these difficulties our main task currently is
also to find a new laptop, because our IBM-ThinkPad crashed after 5˝ years, and this exactly on
Christmas Eve 8pm. Sorry to all who are expecting an email from us – please be patient, because
getting a reasonable replacement in Guyana isn’t easy at all.
We never expected to get stuck such a long time in Sint Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles, as we
arrived on October 8th 2004 here in Philipsburg coming on "MV Cap Canaille" from Guadeloupe.
We looked for a reasonable solution to overhaul our "old-timer", the Toyota LandCruiser 1982, but
soon had to realize that it would be necessary to return to a continent. In the meantime, we found a
solution: Through mediation of "Toyota Tsusho" in Miami/Florida, "Toyota de Venezuela" agreed to
help us to do a mayor overhaul of our car; and because they manufactured some years ago the same
type in Cumaná, this is a huge advantage. At the same time, the freighter lines "SeaboardMarine"
(Florida/USA) and the Dutch "EWL" support us to transport our vehicle on December 28th in a
container to Georgetown/Guyana. We will fly from here (Philipsburg on Sint Maarten) on Christmas
Day to Guyana, where the local Toyota distributor "Beharry Automotive" will fix the rear differential
and the water pump so that we are able to reach Venezuela via Boa Vista/Northern Brazil by road.
Thus it looks very much like we shall achieve the 600'000th kilometer before the first overhaul of the
engine, most probably somewhere between the jungle of Guyana and the Gran Sabana in Venezuela.
Despite we already know this stretch, we are looking forward to experience again Guyana's virgin
Iwokrama rain forest and the Rupununi savannah, as well as the Roraima table mountains of Venezuela.
Please visit  BBC Caribbean's Website  and read our story of 31.7.04
Are you interested into the LandCruiser History, prepared by Toyota Motor Sales USA?
(after some loading-time please klick "IN LEGEND" and afterwards "HAIR TO MAGELLAN
- and you will see that we already belong to it too!)




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