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Hot News - January 2006   (January 10th, 2006)

Website statistics: In December we were able to welcome on our website 30'241 visitors
                                from 108 different countries  who did 484'103 hits
                                (November = 31'584 visitors (= record) - 114 countries - 531'544 hits)
On December 28th, we entered our152nd country Vietnam. The permit from Hanoi for the temporary
vehicle import was ready at the border; simultaneously we were assigned a Vietnamese license plate. Our
first impression of the incredible masses of motorbikes and the never ending rice fields along the highways is
still prevailing. Ho Chi Minh City - the earlier Saigon - is a real inferno during rush hours: On six lanes
uncountable motorbikes are rolling through the city, accompanied by the unavoidable pollution; there is
nearly no space for cars and none at all for pedestrians left. It's estimated that there are about 4 millions
against a population of 7 millions.
We spent New Year in Mui Ne, a nice little beach resort between dunes and the sea, about 125 miles
North of HCMC (Saigon).
While the Thai people showed to be rather reserved towards car travelers, the Cambodians were more
curious. However the Vietnamese are similar to the Indians if it comes to curiosity and encircle our car
immediately wherever we stop. Unfortunately, any further going conversation is mostly hampered by
linguistic problems.
Liliana is "hopping" bravely with her plaster dressing and her crutch. Although it's easily possible to get
accustomed very quickly to the now unavoidable hotel accommodation, sightseeing has become a real
big problem.Unfortunately, since a few days the now normally dry season in Vietnam turned into a light
but never ending rainy period, what doesn't ease the situation.


On July 7th, 2005, we were able to celebrate after a journey through 150 countries the car's
600'000th Kilometer - very prosaic in front of the post office in Cayenne/French Guiana.
Are you interested into the LandCruiser History, prepared by Toyota Motor Sales USA?
(after some loading-time please klick "IN LEGEND" and afterwards "HAIR TO MAGELLAN
- and you will see that we already belong to it too!)

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