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Hot News - March 2006   (Ranong/Thailand, March 8th, 2006)

Website statistics: In February we were able to welcome on our website 31'246 visitors from 115 different
                                countries who did 516'894 hits. (January approximately - the counter was partly failing =
                                32'928 visitors (= record) - 108 countries - 555'152 hits (= record))
Probably it might have been noticed on our homepage that we are in Southern Thailand since March 5th, -
exactly in Ranong at the Andaman Coast. Actually, it was planned to enter from here Myanmar, which lies just
across the river mouth, separating the two countries. But unfortunately, it didn't work out as planned. Two days
before, the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok told us that we have to deliver a detailed list about all the locations
we intend to visit every day, asked for by the Ministry of Defense. We told them that we don't like to comply
with this request, because if we enjoy a place more than expected, we might want to spend also more time
there as planned ahead. Probably this issue could have been solved. But a new one popped up: As we asked
the customs authorities in Ranong about a way how to ship our car over to Kawthoung, we were told by them
with determination - as well as also by phone by from the Burmese side - that this is absolutely impossible. But
we don't yet accept defeat!

Myanmar - so near but still so far

As it is now for sure that the procedure to get a permit for visiting Myanmar with our own car - which we initiated
on September 18th, 2005, in Singapore - will still continue for some time, we decided to drive to Myanmar only in
November (in case we shall ever get the necessary paperwork done), because the heat in this region is getting
slowly but steadily unbearable - the rainy season and hence the monsoon isn't too far away. Thus we are working
in the meantime on two new issues: the Philippines and Indonesia. But both countries involve again a whole range
of bureaucracy for bringing a tourist vehicle into their country, even if it's only for a short temporary visit. But we
hope that we will not encounter too many difficulties and shall finally succeed.
The relevant applications to the Ministries of Tourism are already on its way. In the meantime, we hope that we
shall finally find the time to put the pictures and reports from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos here on our
website online. Also the 1'600 pictures - scanned already last year in Kuala Lumpur - are just waiting to be
completed and placed on the Internet.


On July 7th, 2005, we were able to celebrate after a journey through 150 countries the car's
600'000th Kilometer - very prosaic in front of the post office in Cayenne/French Guiana.
Are you interested into the LandCruiser History, prepared by Toyota Motor Sales USA?
(after some loading-time please klick "IN LEGEND" and afterwards "HAIR TO MAGELLAN
- and you will see that we already belong to it too!)

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