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Hot News - April 2005   (April 24, 2005)

Website statistics: In March we were able to welcome on our website 23'420 visitors
                                from 111 different countries  who did 371'793 hits
                                (February = 19'081 visitors - 107 countries - 302'486 hits)


In Europe and North America, spring time is starting, and here in Guyana it is the rainy season.
Therefore, we should already be ‘through the jungle’, at least in Boa Vista in Northern Brazil.
It was actually planned to visit over Easter the Rodeo in Lethem at the Brazilian border. But things
went once more different than we expected. The main reason for the ongoing extension of our
stay in Georgetown is the car’s differential – more precisely the missing spare parts, which
actually should have been on stock here. At least we were told accordingly, but in fact it was
not the case. And this was discovered only when they wanted to reassemble the differential. So
they had to be ordered in Japan which takes at least two weeks to arrive even with UPS courier.
Then, for some reason, the shipment was getting more delayed in Japan, thus the spare parts
arrived in Georgetown only yesterday, April 1st. Coming week, the differential will be
reassembled allowing us to finally be on the road again soon (hopefully!).

We took the opportunity of our extented stay to recover firstly the data from our computer crash
and to put secondly additional reports (Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, St. Vincent, Las Vegas)
and pictures (Flashbacks of our World Trip, Yemen) online in the internet. One day, we had the
unexpected visit of traveler fellow: Gunilla and Wilfried Gosslau with their MAN! Coming from
Venezuela and on their way through the three Guyana’s towards Belem in Northeastern Brazil, they
already heard in Boa Vista that we got stuck here in Georgetown. For us, it was a lovely change.
Not only had we the chance to admire for the first time such a luxury motor home, but also to talk –
since August 2001 (!) – to same minded people and exchange experiences and information. To
have been “off-the-beaten-track” since April 1995, which of course was very challenging,
exciting and rewarding, contacts with other car travelers went missing.

April 24, 2005: Under Toyota Encounters you will find in several continuations the story of our
“relationship” with Toyota in general. It started buying our LandCruiser FJ60 in May 1982 and is
still continuing. Not only our 23-year old car went through many adventures in its
“375’000-miles-career” as “the most traveled vehicle” through 150 different countries, but also we
had amazing experiences with its “creator”, the Japanese Toyota Motor Corporation and their
worldwide distributors. We want to record here these ups and downs, believing that many interested
people will get so astonished to ask: “Is this really possible?


On October 18th, 2004, we celebrated our 20th anniversary "on the road" in
St. Martin/St. Maarten in the Caribbean, after having driven through 150 countries.
Please visit  BBC Caribbean's Website  and read our story of 31.7.04
Are you interested into the LandCruiser History, prepared by Toyota Motor Sales USA?
(after some loading-time please klick "IN LEGEND" and afterwards "HAIR TO MAGELLAN
- and you will see that we already belong to it too!)



"Land of the many Waters"
(Sept. + Dec. 2002-Febr. 2003
+ Jan. - April 2005)

+ new added from our Carribean "cruise":

          St. Vincent & die Grenadinen    (Sept. 2003)

+ new added from our Carribean "cruise":

          Grenada    (Aug. 2003)

+ new added from our Carribean "cruise":

          Trinidad & Tobago    (June - July 2003)

+ new added from a earlier visit to the USA:

          Las Vegas    (Millennium change)

+ new added from our Arabian Peninsula round trip:

          Pictures from Yemen (May-June 1996)

+ new Flashbacks of our Worldrecordtour:

          Pictures from "all the continents" (Oct. 84 - April 97)

+ new Follow-ups about Toyota-Experiences:

          Encounters resp. "Ups + Downs" with Toyota Companies since 1982


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