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News August 2010   (Lae/Papua New Guinea, August 26th, 2010)

(News of September will be combined with those of October in the 2nd half of the month)

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We mentioned in the last News June/July 2010 that after Sumatra/Indonesia we were pleased to look forward to future adventures
in a new country. Well, here in Papua New Guinea they really started: It began very normal on July 26th, 2010, with three flights:
With AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia to Singapore – change to a night flight with Air Niugini to Port Moresby, the capital of
PNG, and afterwards continuing with Airlines PNG to Alotau at Milne Bay. Why not directly to Lae at the Huon Gulf, where our
LandCruiser is arriving? – the vessel was delayed. Back then it showed already a setback of nine days and we couldn't change
anymore our budget airline tickets. Because the ship's delay grew finally up to nearly three weeks, we decided to pass the time
"won" in a place not reachable by car. This was the Southeastern corner of Papua New Guinea. Unfortunately we didn't care
enough about the weather pattern there and, as a result, ended up in the full rainy season. While in all of PNG the dry season lasts
from May to October, the wet is on at Milne Bay and in the Huon Gulf area.
As known, mosquitoes develop faster during the rainy seasons than in the dry. Hence it didn't take long until Liliana was bitten by a
malaria infested Anopheles. When the fever reached nearly 104°F and the shivers got more severe at 11pm on August 4th, she had
to be rushed to the local hospital in Alotau. When shortly after she was again released with a bunch of Fansidar and Chloroquine
tablets, a pharmacist advised that this wouldn't help much due to the advanced resistance of the Tropica strain in PNG. But she got
a new medicine ('Malucura') from Vietnam that like the Chinese 'Atimita' – would work with Artesunate/Artemisinin (50mg)
produced from herbs. Not to experience a similar hospital tragedy like in Tonga, Liliana swallowed these pills and it really worked
immediately without any side effects. Nevertheless she was recommended later to extend the treatment for five days by taking daily
the antibiotics 'Doxycycline' (2x100mg), which is prescribed prophylactically in Australia if taken in half dosage.
Despite of this first incident, we enjoyed Alotau with its extremely friendly people, as well as the three-day stay in the jungle at the
„Ulumani-Treetops Rainforest Lodge“, organized by the "PNG Tourist Promotion Authority". On August 8th, we flew back to
Port Moresby for three days. There we experienced surprise No. 2: While we knew that in the whole of PNG a simple
"backpacker-style" room will cost around US$65, nothing is available in the capital below US$130, which is said to be a super
"special rate"! Only recently gas (LNG) and oil deposits were discovered in the Southern Highlands, which brought the prices
completely out of control, particularly in Port Moresby. As not otherwise expected, the local population doesn't (yet) benefit and is
suffering heavily due to the sharp rise of prices. On the other hand, PNG is rich on natural resources (gold, copper, etc. and
currently also gas and oil; there are rumors about uranium too). However, a part of that wealth should be diverted also to the
people, especially also into the infrastructure. The roads are partly in such a terrific desolation, even within the cities, that it's simply
a shame.
Actually, we planned at first to visit the famous "Mount Hagen Cultural Show" with our own car. But as it was still sailing at high
seas, we flew on August 11th, from Port Moresby to this awesome spectacle – there are anyway no roads out from the capital.
Mount Hagen, the capital of the Western Highlands Province, which was split mid-August 2010 (the new born province is named
Jiwaka) lies on a height of about 9'000ft. Therefore the climate during the dry season is marvelous: During the day not too hot, but
cooling nicely at night; and a beautiful blue sky with white cumulus clouds in a deep-green mountain scenery. During the evening it's
possible that short but enormous downpours occur.
As a third surprise, like out of the clear sky, we got the news that during our entire visit in Mount Hagen we shall be able to stay in
a staff house for free, offered by "Trans Niugini Tours". Also the transports to and from the showground would be included,
additionally an individual tour to three villages in the area. Happily, we accepted this generous offer that helps greatly to alleviate
our strained budget. This gesture was initiated by the CEO of the "Papua New Guinea Tourist Promotion Authority", Mr. Peter
Vincent, together with the owner of "Trans Niugini Tours", Mr. Bob Bates, who runs besides the ship "Sepik Spirit" and Karawari-
Lodge in East Sepik Province another four Luxury-Jungle-Lodges (Ambua/Southern Highlands Prov., Bensbach/Western Prov.,
Rondon/Western Highlands Prov. and Malolo/Madang Province).
The show itself – a Sing-Sing, i.e. a gathering of about 80 Highlands tribes in traditional costumes and paintings – is unique with its
monotonous singing and dancing supported by vigorous drum rhythms. It definitively belongs to the highlights of our worldtrip.
Each group consists of about 20 participants who dress up incredibly colorful and are mostly adorned with feathers of the bird of
paradise. The visitors pay undoubtedly a hefty entry fee (US$110 p.p. for 2 days), but are allowed to shoot any amount of photos
and are able to mix even with the performers, either during the preparations or after the parade on the showground itself. Looking
back we classify this spectacle as fourth surprise in the most positive way!
"This was the fourth stroke the fifth follows instantly", unfortunately rather on the negative side: Flying to PNG, on our stopover in
Singapore, we treated ourselves with the luxury of buying a Blackberry mobile phone in the duty-free-shop. Knowing that "normal"
internet access in Papua New Guinea is rather difficult, we intended to solve this problem with the Digicel-Mobile-Net, which isn't
cheap at all (US$0.75/MB), but covers nearly the whole country. After adjusting the mobile in Port Moresby, it worked at full
satisfaction. But after three days, it fell out from the pocket of Emil's trousers onto the bus seat. Minutes later, he realized the loss,
but it had already disappeared for ever. It happened on Friday, 13th August!
The sixth episode was the release of our car in Lae, the second biggest city of the country, which we reached on a clear day after
a one-hour flight from Mount Hagen. On the same day, exactly on August 17th, 2010, the container carrying our Toyota – the
19th during our journey – was discharged from the freighter. On the following day, Wednesday, customs and quarantine checked
the vehicle, both harmless and fair. Nearly all Papua New Guineans are anyway extremely friendly! But somehow we felt that
something was coming up: It was the port of Lae's invoice for fees: It's not a new record, but charging US$850 for unloading a
vehicle isn't much less than the US$1065 paid in Nouméa in New Caledonia. It knocked us nearly down – we didn't expect such a
high amount. Even if the rate of the Swiss Francs is high, our retirement pension is rather modest. Hardly left the harbor gate and
reached the Yacht Club, where we had our well-deserved "welcome drink", a journalist caught up with us: "The National" had
heard that an "UFO" (unidentified foreign object) has reached the town! Since the article was published, PNG-ans are waiving and
hooting everywhere, while the passing expats – none are walking by foot – are more or less just staring grimly at us through the
closed windows (after the motto: What is he doing here?).
In any case, PNG kept us so far always on the go. Not for nothing people are saying in PNG: "Expect the unexpected"! Hopefully
it won't be the rascals along the roads!

Lae/Papua New Guinea: Before leaving the port, Emil adds our 167th sticker: 'Papua New Guinea'                                     

Following the Independence Day on September 16th, 2010 (35 years of PNG), Papua New Guinea comes up with another big
event: The Goroka-Show, taking place from September 17th to 19th. It's said to be a similar Sing-Sing like the Mount Hagen-
Show, with partly the same performers. Goroka itself lies about half-way between Lae and Mount Hagen and is the capital of the
province of the Eastern Highlands. It's well possible that we will attend it too – the first show having left such an incredible
impression on us. But in between, we shall visit the coastal city of Madang, which is praised as a "beach holiday destination". Let's
see what's awaiting us!

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On July 7th, 2005, we were able to celebrate after a journey through 150 countries the car's
600'000th Kilometer - very prosaic in front of the post office in Cayenne/French Guiana.
On June 10th, 2009, we were able to celebrate after a journey through 163 countries the car's
400'000th Mile - in a beautiful landscape in the West of the island of Savaii/Samoa.
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