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Hot News Update - December 2005   (December 27, 2005)

Website statistics: In November we were able to welcome on our website 31'584 (= record) visitors
                                from 114 different countries  who did 531'544 hits
                                (October = 30'039 visitors - 111 countries - 535'946 (= record) hits)


It looks like Santa Claus wouldn't bring a lot of luck to us lately: If a year ago we had a computer crash on
Christmas Eve on Sint Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles; this year a - most probably drunken - Cambodian
car driver hit Liliana from behind on Christmas day, while she was waiting on the parking lot for the ferry to
cross the Mekong River. She crashed - but this wasn't enough, he drove furthermore over her leg. Within
seconds she was surrounded by hundreds of curious spectators causing Emil a problem to carry her into the
car. Asking questions about the guilt doesn't make sense as hardly anybody is insured anyway and despite of that a
foreigner is always culpable if it's only for the reason of being here. Logically, if we wouldn't be here,
it wouldn't have happened! Emil turns the car immediately and speeds the 35 miles back to Phnom Penh. Out of
the capital of Cambodia, hospitals are very rare to find. Fortunately the x-ray of a private hospital shows
"only" a relatively simple fraction of the lower leg. But the result is that camping life is abruptly suspended for at least
three weeks, because Liliana's shank has now to grow together in a white plaster dressing. A crutch is supporting
a bit, but in the beginning, it's not easy to handle.
Actually, we could have spent Christmas already in Vietnam - the 152nd country. But after visiting the wonder-
ful ruins of Angkor Wat, we were forced to hang around in Phnom Penh for several days. The Vietnamese
police acts so complicated that we had to organize beforehand a third party insurance from Ho Chi Minh City
- the former Saigon - on a very awkward way. It will show tomorrow whether they are satisfied now and are
going to accept the special permit for the "temporary import of our car", issued in Hanoi.


On July 7th, 2005, we were able to celebrate after a journey through 150 countries the car's
600'000th Kilometer - very prosaic in front of the post office in Cayenne/French Guiana.
Are you interested into the LandCruiser History, prepared by Toyota Motor Sales USA?
(after some loading-time please klick "IN LEGEND" and afterwards "HAIR TO MAGELLAN
- and you will see that we already belong to it too!)

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