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Pictures of our trip 2013/14 to Cape Verde
- São Vicente/Mindelo part 1 from 3/13 to 3/20/2014 and part 2 from 4/10 to 4/29/2014 (starting pic #458)
Cape Verde: São Nicolau – February 28th to March 13th, 2014
Cape Verde: Santiago/Praia part 2 – December 26th, 2013 to February 28th, 2014
CapeVerde: Brava – December 23rd to 26th, 2013
CapeVerde: Fogo – Dezember13th to 23rd, 2013
CapeVerde: Santiago/Praia part 1 – November18th to December 13th, 2013
Ukraine – August 17 to 21, 2013 - Ilyichevsk Port - Odessa - Bilhorod Dnistrovsky - Moldova Border
Moldova – August 21 to 22, 2013 - Ukraine Border - Causeni - Transnistria Border
Transnistria August 22 to September 1, 2013 - Tiraspol - Chitcani - Bendery - Moldova Border
Georgia Part 3 – August 13 to 15, 2013 - Abkhazia Border - Poti - Ferry to Ilyichevsk/Ukraine
Cape Verde: Santo Antão/Eastern side part 1 – March 20th to April 7th, 2014
Cape Verde: Santo Antão/Western side part 2April 7th to 10th, 2014
Cape Verde Map
    São Vicente Map    Northwest Africa Map
latest picture: March 20, 2014
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401  3/13/2014, 6am: A lucky day! The
freighter and passenger vessel "Pentalina"
docks at the port of Tarrafal on São Nicolau
and continues unexpectedly to Mindelo/ São
Vicente. At noon, we are also on board .....
402  ..... our LandCruiser travels in an airy
location. The hull fills up with containers
and has full load on departure
403  As we approach the city of Mindelo,
a 131 ft. high prominent rock with the
lighthouse ‘Farol Don Luís’ appears
about 2km off shore
404  The Bay of Mindelo spreads 2½ miles
between barren mountains and the sea. The
city itself has more than 70’000 people; its
port is besides Cape Verde’s capital Praia
on Santiago the second international freight
405  Souvenir snap at the Meteorological
Station on “Meteorology Hill” (Rotchinha)
with the bay of Mindelo in the background
406  The rather tranquil and pictoresque
Mindelo with cobble stone streets, colonial
buildings, street cafes and a quiet yacht
harbour – the Mindelo Marina – is
regarded as Cape Verde's Riviera
407  A smaller version of the 15th
century ‘Torre de Belem’ in Lisbon/
Portugal guards Mindelo's harbor
408  Colonial splendour in pink: The
former Governor's Palace in Mindelo
– also called ‘Palácio do Povo’
409  The ochreous Town Hall
(Paço do Concelho) of Mindelo
along Rua de Tejo was built in 1873
410  A bronze statue of Portuguese
navigator Diogo Afonso was erected
at Mindelo's bay front. He participated
in the discovery of Cape Verde in the
middle of the 15th century
411  The church ’Nossa Senhora da Luz’
in Mindelo – close to the Town Hall – built
in 1862 in typical Portuguese style. It is
located in the oldest urban quarter
412  Mindelo's oceanfront – Avenida
Marginal – looks appealing with its
candy colored houses. More than 90%
of the nearly 80'000 inhabitants of
São Vicente live in the capital Mindelo
413  Children are playing at a foosball
table in the ‘Praça Estrela’
(Star Square) in Mindelo
414  Men are working on a cobble stone
street. Watching the hard manual work it
crosses our mind how long it may have
taken to build all the island's cobble streets.
It was a little paid “occupational therapy”
that slowly ceases
415  There are corners everywhere
where people meet for a card game –
a “very much liked occupation”. Here at
Mindelo's oceanfront Avenida Marginal
416  Fresh fish is delivered at our hotel.
Either the menu is fish or chicken
– there is not much else around
417  Most admirable: How can this lady
balance so many layers of eggs (nine) on
her head? If the eggs are of medium size
the weight is about 35 pounds!
418  Even modest houses look friendly
with a splash of vivid colours. The Cape
Verdeans love shiny colors – here in
Lameirão on the road to the Northeast:
To ‘Baía das Gatas’ and ‘Monte Verde’
419  The fishing village of São Pedro on
the southwest coast (close to the airport)
clinges pictoresquely at a mountain slope
at the end of a white sandy beach .....
420  ..... where an acacia tree provides
us some shade. The western part of
São Pedro beach is ideal for camping
and windsurfing .....
421  ..... and is right next to a romantic
little bay near Santo André
422  Only not slip and fall! The stony
path along the rocky coast leads in
barely one hour to the small light
house of São Pedro .....
423  ..... Emil enjoys the moment in the
solitude of the light house at the most
westerly point of São Vicente .....
424  ..... luckily Liliana is also free from
giddiness. The path to the light house is
stony and partly very narrow (once even
partly skidded down), cut into an
almost vertical cliff
425  Beautiful for a beach walk:
The white, one mile long sandy
beach of São Pedro
426  In the sleepy fishing village of São
Pedro with its around 800 inhabitants
there is even a small "roundabout" .....
427  ..... at the end of the village a
couple of colorful houses and fishing
boats are gleaming in the evening light
428  Waiting for the next catch: Fishing
boats at ‘Baía das Gatas’, a weekend
escape about 8 miles northeast
of Mindelo
429  A fishing boat shortens sail before
entering the little harbour of ‘Baía das Gatas’.
At the background the 1’765 ft. high
ridge of ‘Goa Alto’
430  The newly built road from "Baía
das Gatas" to Calhau at the eastern
end follows the wild, uninhabited
east coast .....
431  ..... drifted Sahara sand has
formed impressive dunes during the
course of time. Here we are looking
back to ‘Baía das Gatas’ .....
432  ..... Liliana fries some sausages at one
of the four viewpoints with picnic tables and
benches. This is our lunch together with
bread, tomato salad and a Strela Beer
433  Arid mountains, white sand
dunes, turquois sea: The dramatic
coastal stretch between ‘Baía das
Gatas’ and Calhau at the eastern end
434  A last white dune of “Sahara” sand,
then we reach the fishing village of Calhau,
an 11 mile’s drive from Mindelo
435  The fishing village of Calhau nestles
at the base of the rugged, dark, 460 ft. high
‘Ponta do Calhau’. It looks almost deserted.
However on weekends it seems to get lively
with day- and particularly night-trippers
436  A watering place in the fishing village
of Calhau, always also a meeting point,
because most of the dwellings don’t have
water supply. The heavy water jerrycans
are transported in wheelbarrows
437  The arid region near Calhau hides
some secrets: A path leads us to the
beach of Sarangaça .....
438  ..... it shows to be a little bay with
white sand between black volcano rocks
and a turquoise shining sea
439  The landscape near Calhau could
not look more "Oman-like" (the Sultanate
on the Arabian Peninsula)
Amazing what is growing out of the sandy ground at the bay of Calhau
443  A green ribbon in the interior:
Farmers grow with irrigation some
vegetables in the dry arid area of the
valley ‘Ribeira Chão do Madeiral’
444  Also in the desert one can live nicely:
A lovely house with a few palm trees and
a vegetable garden in front in the ‘Ribeira
Chão do Madeiral’ valley
445  A windwheel pumps some water
for irrigation into a storage basin
(along the Calhau-Mindelo road in the
‘Ribeira Chão do Madeiral’ valley)
446  Almonds, acacias, palm trees and
vegetable gardens are the green splashes in
the red soil of the interior of São Vicente
447  A man is on his way home with his
donkey from Monte Verde, where we
met him while cutting grass
448  From the mountain's crest of the
Nature Park of Monte Verde the panorama
to the ‘Baía das Gatas’ opens up
On the humid slopes of the Nature Park of Monte Verde the flora is divers and colorful
452  Our LandCruiser looks modest next to
a sisal agave (Agave sisalana) in the Nature
Park of Monte Verde. It can reach a height
of up to 20 ft. in an incredible short time .....
453  ..... it blooms only one single time
and then it dies. Blooming season
is February to May/June
454  Two craws bill and coo in
the Nature Park of Monte Verde
Panorama view from the Nature Park of Monte Verde (height 2'461 ft.):
455  to the east coast with its white
dunes of sand from the Sahara
(see also picture #430)
456  to the mountainous South and
the ‘Ribeira Chão do Madeiral’ valley
(see also picture #443)
457  and to the bay and city of
Mindelo (75‘000 people) with the island
of Santo Antão in the background
We visited from March 20th to April 10th, 2013, the island of Santo Antão , before we returned to
Mindelo on São Vicente to ship on April 29th to Walvis Bay in Namibia
458  Liliana is standing on the balcony
of our room in the Hotel Bêleza in Mindelo,
where we spent overall 42 nights – before
and after our visit of Santo Antão
459  Typical for Emil: He preferably
takes in the happenings
calmly and from far
460  On the back streets of Mindelo
 the charme of the “good
old days” can still be found
461  It is Saturday and a group of
people is on its way to the city center
of Mindelo. There is always something
going on – particularly from Friday to
Sunday evening. All Cape Verdeans
love singing, dancing and celebrating
462  Africa remains Africa:
A woman carrying a heavy load
of papaya on her head is walking
determined past our hotel
463  On “Meteo Hill” – with view
to the Bay of Mindelo – people come
to exercice and jog during the morning
and evening hours
464  Portugal’s football club “Benfica”
achieved its 33rd victory on
April 20th, 2014. Mindelo’s streets turn
red. The Cape Verdians of Mindelo
are celebrating euphorically with
Lisbon’s Soccer Club .....
465  ….. also its decorative
headdress is worn …..
466  ….. the streets fill more and
more with fans that voice their feelings
with loudspeekers, singing and dancing,
which continues the whole night
On Cape Verde there is no parade on May 1st. On this day, everybody goes to the beach – with the whole family,
relatives, friends, with tents, pots, with bag and baggage – here at “Cova de Inglesa” two miles south of Mindelo
470  April 29th, 2014: 159 days after
the end of our “memorable struggle of
release” on November 11th, 2013, in
Praia on the island of Santiago, we put
our LandCruiser in its 28th container in the
port of Mindelo. On the contrary to the
entry the departure proceeds like a breeze
471  Liliana poses for a picture in
front of “Troense Maersk”, which
will take our LandCruiser the first
leg of its journey to Namibia – an
unprecedented” ‘cruise’ that is
described detailed in our
News - June 2014
472  Mindelo and São Vicente, and
with it also Cape Verde, says good
bye with a wonderful sunset. We had
a relaxed and beautiful time on the six
 islands we were able to visit overall
220 days 2 months more than our car
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