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Pictures of our trip 2013/14 to Cape Verde
- Brava from 12/23 until 12/26/2013
Cape Verde: Fogo – Dezember13th to 23rd, 2013
Cape Verde: Santiago/Praia part 1 – November18th to December 13th, 2013
Ukraine – August 17 to 21, 2013 - Ilyichevsk Port - Odessa - Bilhorod Dnistrovsky - Moldova Border
Moldova – August 21 to 22, 2013 - Ukraine Border - Causeni - Transnistria Border
Transnistria August 22 to September 1, 2013 - Tiraspol - Chitcani - Bendery - Moldova Border
Georgia Part 3 – August 13 to 15, 2013 - Abkhazia Border - Poti - Ferry to Ilyichevsk/Ukraine
Cape Verde: Santiago/Praia part 2 – December 26th, 2013 to February 28th, 2014
Cape Verde: São Nicolau – February 28th to March 13th, 2014
Cape Verde: São Vicente/Mindelo part 1 – March 13th to 20th, 2014
Cape Verde: Santo Antão/Eastern side part 1 – March 20th to April 7th, 2014
Cape Verde: Santo Antão/Western side part 2April 7th to 10th, 2014
Cape Verde: São Vicente/Mindelo part 2April 10th to 29th, 2014
Cape Verde Map
       Brava Map       Northwest Africa Map
latest picture: December 26, 2013
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201  Furna – this is the name of the
picturesque harbor in the protected bay
at the northeast coast of Brava; with
25 sq.ms. it is the smallest of the
inhabited islands of Cape Verde .....
202  ..... its church sitting on a hill at
the far end of the tiny bay bears the
unmistakable mark of the
Portuguese architecture .....
203  ..... the two-storey houses in the
colonial style are still testimony of the
charming old world. This more recent
one is near “Cova Joana”
(“Nossa Senhora do Monte”)
204  View over the center of
“Vila Nova Sintra”, the capital of the
island with its around 2'200 people
205  “Vila Nova Sintra” lies on a plateau
1’650 ft. above sea level. Right in the
background the contours of the neighbor
island of Fogo are visible. It’s just 12 miles
away but only reachable in a 40 minutes’
ride with the FastFerry ‘Kriola’
206  In the 18th and 19th century, the
lovely mansions in “Vila Nova Sintra”
were summer residences of the elite of
the islands of Santiago and Fogo. Today
they are often built by Cape Verdeans
who make their money in the USA
207  The little girl is alone on
a discovery tour
208  On the median strip of “Vila Nova
Sintra's” main road there are trees, bushes
and flowers. Where it’s interrupted, it’s
allowed to park the car (no parking meters;
no traffic lights; at night hardly lit-up) .....
209  ..... the wrought-iron lamp with
its pale light is part of the picture of the
sleepy village of “Vila Nova Sintra”
210  Thread-leaf agaves (Agave
filifera) grow on a stony slope and now
and then tumble uprooted to the streets
211  After the islands of Santiago and
Fogo we enjoy also in Brava the lovely
“Grey-headed Kingfisher” (Halcyon
leucocephala): It loves to sit next to
the street and preys on insects
212  Steep slopes and cultivated terraces
belong to the topography of the island.
Who feels fit enough can climb up the
well developed path from “Fajã d’Água“
to „Nossa Senhora do Monte” –
difference in altitude 2’100 ft.
213  12/25/2013: We celebrate Christmas
in a quiet lovely spot overlooking the sleepy
coastal hamlet of “Fajã d’Água” in the
northwest of the remote island of Brava .....
214  ..... one of our rather rare pictures:
The two of us in front of the beautiful
scenery of “Fajã d’Água”, one of the
most beautiful bays in Cape Verde .....
215  ..... all good things come in threes:
Once more the three of us at the steep
cobble stone road leading from
“Vila Nova Sintra” to “Fajã d’Água”
The coastline on the northwest side reveals panoramic views of great beauty
216  “Monte Pesqueiro”
217  “Ponto Garbeiro”
218  Rock pinnacles in the bay of “Fajã
d’Água“ near the former airport of Brava
219  The dramatic scenery of
“Fajã d’Água”, sandwiched between
steep towering mountains and the
Atlantic Ocean, recall the
Marquesas Island in the South Pacific
220  Lovely and sleepy: “Fajã d’Água” with
its 200 inhabitants. In earlier times American
whaling vessels landed here for stocking up
their food and hiring ship’s crews. This led
to an exodus of Cape Verdeans to the
New England Coast
221  No neighbor who interrupts the
peace (however also no car driveway):
A lonely house between windswept
palm trees above the coastal village
of “Fajã d’Água”
222  The tiny church at the entrance
of the village of “Fajã d’Água” opened
its door for the Christmas mass.
Believers are already sitting inside .....
223  ..... the priest who will hold the
Christmas mass in a few minutes
exchanges a few words with Liliana
concerning our “odd” vehicle
224  The rocky and stony coast of
“Fajã d’Água” is unsafe for swimming.
However close to the former airport at
the southern end of the village there
are natural but protected pools
225  We are looking back at the end
of the bay: A handful of white painted
houses with blue and green windows
and doors, that’s “Fajã d’Água”
226  Three stunning rocks rise from
the clear blue sea at the southern end
of the bay of “Fajã d’Água”
227  Destined to decay: The former airport
of Brava at “Fajã d’Água”. Due to the
dangerous winds it's out of work since 1996.
The only connection with the outside world
is now the ferry that is sailing about 5 times
a week. At night it remains always in Furna
228  The white-black cat has captured
Liliana's heart. She calls it ‘Brava’
229  Fishermen are returning from their
catch to the tiny fishing harbor of
“Fajã d'Água”. There is hardly
room for more than three boats .....
230  ..... immediately the fish
is selected, cleaned and sliced
231  Our LandCruiser starts with the
four miles climb from “Fajã d’Água”
to “Vila Nova Sintra” – from sea level
to an altitude of 1’650 ft. .....
232  ..... the narrow cobble stone
street climbs partly through
spectacular high mountain walls
233  The picture book village
"Nossa Senhora do Monte" lies in the
fresher climate of the plateau above
“Vila Nova Sintra“, but on the other
side it’s regularly engulfed by clouds
234  Village life at "Nossa Senhora
do Monte": A Toyota pick-up leaves
the village cramped with people.
Others wait in front of a grocery for
the next transport to anywhere
235  Our LandCruiser is driving past
the first houses of "Mato Grande". The
village with 300 inhabitants lies a little
above “Vila Nova Sintra” –
the drivable road ends here
236  A rural scene with vegetable
gardens and fruit orchids at
“Cova Joana” close to the village
of "Nossa Senhora do Monte"
237  A winding cobble stone road
leads us down to "Joao d'Nole" – a
picturesque little place with neat houses
and many fruit orchards .....
238  ..... on the way to “Mato Grande”
we cross the lonely chapel "Serrado"
situated nicely on a hill .....
239  ..... on the pasture behind the
chapel a farmer milks his cow –
already nostalgia
240  The free standing village church
of "Cachaço" in the southern interior is
cleaned and decorated for the Christmas
mass. Here the road ends as well
241  It is impossible to oversee them: The
oval lemon-yellow “West Indian gherkin” (Cucumis anguria) with their soft
"spines". They sprawl on the ground
242  A woman herds her cattle to the
pasture. There are not many jobs at Brava.
Most people relay on relatives working
abroad and sending money home
243  The foggy clouds that engulf the
plateau often for weeks help the vegetation.
From October to February the island
presents itself green: Here the hamlet "Cova
Joana" close to "Nossa Senhora do Monte”
244  View from the Cachaço road to the
bay of "Porto dos Ferreiro" in the southwest
245  "Mato Grande" – a village with
wonderful ocean panorama towards
Furna and the island of Fogo
(if it’s not all too hazy)
248  Also Mexican Poppy (Argemone
mexicana) exists on Cape Verde –
despite of its thorns it surprisingly doesn’t
belong to the thistles of the aster family
(Asteraceae), but to that of the poppy
family (Papaveraceae)
Petunia that surprisingly grow in two colors out of the same plant – blue and pink –
line the walking ways. The island is a paradise for trekkers
249  The "Praca Eugenio Tavares" with
its music pavilion is the main square of
“Vila Nova Sintra”. On Christmas day is
an entertainment program for children .....
250  ..... father and children
follow the games attentively .....
251  ..... and the little ones sit in two
rows politely in front of the ‘stage’
waiting anxiously for new entertainments
252  A typical African look: The hair
of this girl is braided into thin bunches
of hair and adorned with beads
253  Young and the old are taking part
in the Christmas festivities of December 25th,
2013, at the "Praca Eugenio Tavares" in
“Vila Nova Sintra”
254  Three youngsters in
“Vila Nova Sintra” like to be pictured
255  They still look perky out of the
window of the battered pickup. Four-
legged passengers at the port of Furna:
They will join the FastFerry ‘Kriola’ from
Brava to Praia. Do they also get seasick?
256  This man who carries lovingly
his sweet little dog represents the simplicity
of the people of this remote island
257  The morning light has reached the
white, blue and grey buildings of the village
of Furna when at 7.30am the FastFerry
‘Kriola’ heads off. What remains are
memories of a silent Christmas 2013 on
an isolated island in the Atlantic Ocean
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