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Papua New Guinea     (Report)
Goroka - Kumul Pass - (Birds of Paradise) -
Mt. Hagen - Goroka - Lae  (Sept. 20 - Oct.  20, 2010)
(with car)
Papua New Guinea/Western Highlands-Enga Province: Bird of Paradise/Ribbon-Tailed Astrapia (Astrapia mayeri)
Papua New Guinea    (Report)
Goroka Cultural Show (Sept. 17 - 19, 2010)
(with car)

Papua New Guinea/Eastern Highlands/Goroka: Sili Muli Sing-Sing Group from Enga Province at the Goroka Cultural Show 2010

Papua New Guinea     (Report)
Lae - Madang - Goroka       (Aug. 16 - Sept. 16, 2010)
(with car)
Papua New Guinea: Kassam Pass from Morobe Province to the Eastern Highlands
Papua New Guinea    (Report)
Mount Hagen Cultural Show   (Aug. 13 - 15, 2010)
(without car)

Papua New Guinea/Western Highlands/Mt. Hagen: Sing-Sing Group from Pimaga in the Southern Highlands at the Mount Hagen Cultural Show 2010

Papua New Guinea     (Report)
Milne Bay - (Port Moresby) -
Mount Hagen - Lae  –   (July 27 - Aug. 14, 2010)
(without car)
Papua New Guinea/Milne Bay/Wagawaga: Stephanie painted traditionelly with a spider net
Tonga     (Report)
Tongatapu Island      (Nov. 2009 - Jan. 2010)


Nuku'alofa/Tongatapu/Tonga: Royal Palace

French Polynesia    (Report)
Tahiti Island  2nd part       (Oct. 2009)
Tahiti/French Polynesia: 25th Anniversary of 'exploring the world' in Arue near Papeete (October 18, 2009)
French Polynesia    (Report)
Moorea Island      (Sept. 2009)


Moorea/French Polynesia:   Opunohu Bay (left) and Cook's Bay (right); in the center Mt. Rotui (2'950ft.)

French Polynesia    (Report)
Tahiti Island  1st part      (Aug. -Sept.  2009)
Tahiti/French Polynesia: One type of Tahiti's main flower with many names - Frangipani, Plumeria, Tiare
Cook Islands    (without car)
Rarotonga Island      (Aug. 2009)


Cook Islands/Rarotonga: Beauty from the South Pacific

American Samoa
(July 2009)
American Samoa: View from Pago Pago towards the 1'718ft. high Rainmaker Mountain (Pioa Mountain)
Samoa     (Report)
Island of Savaii       (June 2009)


Samoa/Savaii: Alofaaga Blowhole at Cape Asuisui near Taga in the South of the island of Savaii

Samoa     (Report)
Independence Day   –   (June 1st, 2009)
47th Independence Day - Parade of the villagers of Safotu from Savaii
Samoa     (Report)
Island of Upolu  2nd part       (May 2009)


Samoa/Upolu: Typical beach with 'Fales' on the island of Namua in the East of Upolu

Samoa     (Report)
Island of Upolu   1st part   –   (April 2009)
Apia/Samoa: Coat of Arms of Samoa in front of the Government Office Building
Taveuni (March 2009)


Fiji/Taveuni/Waiyevo: On the imaginary Dateline - the 180° Meridian (the actual dateline bypasses Fiji in the East)

Vanua Levu (March 2009)
Fiji/Vanua Levu/Korovatu Beach: Camping Place
Viti Levu (Jan.-Febr. 2009)


Fiji/Viti Levu/Suva: Guard at the Government Seat

Vanuatu    (with car)
Efate Island(Oct.  2008-Jan. 2009)
Vanuatu/Efate/Port Vila: Erakor Bay
New Caledonia    3rd part
Grande Terre: North #2 (Sept.-Oct.  2008)


New Caledonia: Hienghène - Wedding in Ouaré

New Caledonia    2nd part
Grande Terre: North #1 (Aug.-Sept.  2008)
New Caledonia: Bourail - Baie des Tortues (Turtle Bay)
New Caledonia    1st part
Grande Terre: Nouméa + South(August  2008)


New Caledonia: Nouméa and the St. Joseph Cathedral

Vanuatu    (without car)
Port Vila (July 2008)
Vanuatu/Efate/Port Vila: Boeing 737-800 of Air Vanuatu at the airport
New Zealand     6th part
North Island(June-July 2008)

New Zealand: North Island - Cavalli-Islands (25 miles North of Kerikeri)

New Zealand     5th part
North Island(May-June 2008)
New Zealand: North Island - Taumarunui: Marae (Maori Meeting-House)
New Zealand     4th part
South to North Island(May 2008)

New Zealand: South to North Island - Ferry Picton-Wellington, here in Queen Charlotte Sound, Marlborough/South Island

New Zealand    3rd part
South Island(April 2008)


New Zealand: South Island - Lake Hayes, between Queenstown and Arrowtown
New Zealand     2nd part

South Island(March 2008)

New Zealand: South Island - Fox Glacier and the Southern Alps

New Zealand    1st part

South Island(Febr.-March 2008)

New Zealand: South Island - typically