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Latest added and interesting Reports and Pictures:
+ Saudi Arabia (January 2016)    + Iran (April 2016)      + Turkmenistan (May 2016)      + Kazakhstan (August 2016)
1st LandCruiser-Rejuvenation in Miri/Sarawak/East-Malaysia (June-Aug. 2006 + Sep. 2007)
2nd LandCruiser-Rejuvenation in Miri/Sarawak/East-Malaysia (Aug.-Oct. 2012)
3rd LandCruiser-Rejuvenation in Miri/Sarawak/East-Malaysia (Feb.-April 2017 + Aug.-Sep. 2018)
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Nepal: Stupa at ’Durbar Square’ in Kathmandu


Iran: ’Masjed-ι-Sheikh Lotfollah-Mosque’ in Esfahan


Kuwait: Kuwait Towers in Kuwait City

Pictures taken in Asia – 1993/94


Yemen: Sana'a


Jordan: Camping under the desert stars near As-Zarqa, close to the Saudi Arabian border


United Arab Emirates: Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai

and Report


Oman: Muscat with its magnificent frontage


Qatar: The pyramid shaped Sheraton Hotel in Doha


South Korea: ’Kirimsa’-Temple at Gyeongju

and Report
and Report


Japan: ’Naruto-Kaikyo’ bridge between Honshu (Kobe/Osaka region) and Shikoku


Hong Kong: From ’Hong Kong Peak’ we get an excellent view of the ’skyscraper jungle’


Macao: ’St. Paul’s’ ruin is an inspiring sight also at night

and Report


Singapore: Merlion - the Land- and Trademark of the Lion City


Malaysia: The four minarets of the ’Sultan Salahuddin’ - State Mosque in Shah Alam are visible already from far


Cambodia: Main temple of Angkor Wat with its five towers viewed from the hill of the ’Phnom Bakheng’-Temple


Vietnam: Two women cultivating a rice field


Laos: ’Patuxai’ in Vientiane, the Laotian replica of the French ’Arc de Triomphe’ in Paris


Thailand: ’Ho Phra I-Suan’-Temple in Nakhon Si Thammarat

Thailand: ’James Bond’ rock at Phang-nga National Park
Myanmar (Burma): Waiting for customers in Kawthoung
Miri/Sarawak/East-Malaysia (Borneo): A lot of work ahead to do
Miri/Sarawak/East-Malaysia (Borneo): Traditional stilt houses reflecting in the water of the Miri River
Sabah/East-Malaysia (Borneo): Orang Utan in the Sepilok Rehabilitation Center
Brunei (Borneo): ’The 'Ali Saifuddien'-Mosque at sunset in Bandar Seri Begawan

Mount Kinabalu/Sabah/East-Malaysia (Borneo): Early Morning View

Kuching/Sarawak/East-Malaysia (Borneo): Proboscis monkey in Bako National Park

Indonesia: Monas National Monument in Jakarta


Indonesia: Temple Festivity in Sanur/Bali


Indonesia: 2 of the 3 crater lakes of the Kelimutu Volcano on Flores in different colors

Kampung Tarung in Waikabubak/Sumba/Indonesia: Traditional village with straw thatched houses



Oecussi/Timor-Leste: Landscape East of Oecussi-'Town'


Com/Timor-Leste: Traditional Fataluku house


Sulawesi/Indonesia: Typical houses between Makassar and Parepare


Ke'te Kesu near Rantepao/Sulawesi/Indonesia: Traditional Toraja village


Martapura/South Kalimantan/Indonesia: Stilt houses and city mosque


Kaohsiung/Taiwan: God of War at Lotus Pond

Taiwan: View from Central Cross-Island Highway



Taipei/Taiwan: Aussicht vom Taipei-101 Turm

Hong Kong: Road traffic at Causeway Bay/Hong Kong Island on a Sunday, 10 days before Christmas
Philippines: Ricefields near Sagada/Mountain Province/Northern Luzon
French Polynesia: Typical Southsea-Resort (Pacific) with Overwater-Bungalows (Sofitel 'Ia Ora' Moorea)
Medan/Sumatra/Indonesia: Indonesian Serenity
29 Picture Galleries/- Reports from
10 Countries in the Pacific – Febr. 2008-
Febr. 2010 + Aug. - Oct. 2010
Indonesia: Minangkabau House near Batusangkar/West Sumatra
Indonesia: Coast South of Padang/West Sumatra
Philippines: Church of Miagao on the Island of Panay in the Visayas Group
Philippines: Sipalay - Island of Negros in the Visayas Group
Philippines: Chocolate Hills - Island of Bohol in the Visaya Group
Yemen/Island of Socotra: Dunes at Arher
Yemen/Island of Socotra: Dragon Blood Trees on the Dicksam Plateau
Yemen/Island of Socotra: Bottle trees (Desert Roses) on the Momi Plateau
United Arab Emirates: Souk of Sharjah
Sri Lanka/Dambulla: Buddha in the Golden Temple resp. Cave Temple
Sri Lanka/Anuradhapura: Ruvanvelisaya Dagoba
Sri Lanka/Hatupale: Tea area near 'Lipton's Seat'
Madagascar: Lemures - a Coquerel-Sifaka
Indonesia/Bali: Paddy fields and volcanoes - typically in Southeast Asia'
Taiwan: 'Holy Glory Tempel' near Jiasian (Hwy. 20)
Miri/Sarawak/Malaysia: Dismantling the roof rack on the occasion of the second "rejuvenation"
United Arab Emirates/Sharjah: Al Noor Mosque at Khalid Lagoon
United Arab Emirates/Liwa Oasis: Road to Moreeb Hill at the Northern edge of the Rub' al Khali desert
Oman/Musandam: View to the bay Khor an-Najd, southeast of Khasab
Oman/Muscat: The famous Corniche in Muttrah
Oman/Wadi Tiwi/Harat Bidah: Typical oasis in a valley between Muscat and Sur
Pictures from Oman –
Sohar-Muskat-Rustaq-Nizwa – 2nd part
Febr. 2013
Oman/Dhofar: Camping under palm trees in Salalah
Oman/Western Hajar Mountains - South: Bahla Fortress
United Arab Emirates/Sharjah: 'Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization' with golden dome and dhow in Sharjah Creek
Iran/Bandar Abbas: Sayed Mozafar Mosque
Iran/Esfahan: Khaju bridge over Zayandeh river
Iran/Zagros Mountains: Bakhtiari nomads near Chelgerd
Turkey/Southeast-Anatolia: Kurdish Village Soguksu with Volcano Tendόrek
Georgia: Mtskheta and the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral
Azerbaijan: Baku: Flame Towers
Armenia: Haghpat Monastery near Alaverdi in the North
Nagorno-Karabakh/Stepanakert: The Monument 'Tatik u Papik'
Armenia: Tatev Monastery near Goris in the Southeast
Pictures from Nagorno-Karabakh
July 2013
Georgia: View from Nariqala Fortress onto Tbilisi
Georgia: Defence towers and Caucasus snow mountains before Mestia in Svaneti
Abkhazia: Pebble beach of Sukhumi
Saudi Arabia: Black camel herd in the eastern Arabian Desert
United Arab Emirates: UAE flags at a roundabout in Al Ruwais
Iran/Kerman/Rayan: Mosque 56mi [90km] along road to Bam
Pictures from U.A.E.
Jan.-March 2016


Turkmenistan/Davarza gas crater
Uzbekistan/Samarkand: Registan
Tadjikistan/Iskander Kul: Lake reflection
Pictures from Uzbekistan

Tajikistan/Murgab: View over Murgab river valley

White yurts of the semi-nomadic shepherds between Kyzyl-Art-Pass and Sari Tash


Kazakhstan: Charyn Canyon National Park
Russia/Altai Republic/Kuray: Severo-Chuyskiy Range along Chuysky Highway
Myanmar/Yangon: Shwedagon Pagoda
Pictures from Russia
from Gorno Altaysk to Mongolian border
and back to the Ukraine
2nd part – Sept.-Nov. 2016
Myanmar/Taungoo: Train arrival
Inpawkhon/Inle Lake/Myanmar: Stilt vilage in the southwest of the lake
Bagan/Myanmar: A steppe landscape littered by temples



Miri/Sarawak/Malaysia: Start of the 3rd rejuvenation
Randangan Panua Reserve/Gorontalo/Sulawesi/Indonesia: Along the south cost in northern Sulawesi
Lake Tondano/North Sulawesi/Indonesia: Minahasa Highland
Tidore/North Moluccas/Indonesia: Kiematabu-Volcano 5'676 ft. [1'730m]
Halmahera/North Moluccas/Indonesia: Jungle road on the Trans Halmahera Highway between Tobaru and Weda
Sorong/West Papua/Indonesia: Papuans at a celebration at the Maranatha Church
Pasanea/Seram/Moluccas/Indonesia: Sunrise at the Muzdalifah Guesthouse
Ambon/Indonesia: 'Lapangan' (Main square) in Ambon City and Maranatha Church
Yapen/Papua/Indonesia: Mioka Bay west of Serui
Pictures from Indonesia –
Moluccas – 2nd part: Ambon –
February-March 2018
Biak/Papua/Indonesia: Relicts from World War 2
Manokwari/West Papua/Indonesia: Papua relief of the Dani tribe
Miri/Sarawak/Malaysia: An-Naim Mosque in Lutong near Miri