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Pictures of our 2nd Central Asia trip 2016 to Kyrgyzstan
- From Tajikistan border in Pamir to Kazakhstan border at Karkara June 27th to August 9th, 2016
Tajikistan Part 2 from Dushanbe to the Kyrgyzstan border June 19th to 27th, 2016
Tajikistan Part 1 from Uzbekistan border to Dushanbe May 31st to June 18th, 2016
Uzbekistan from Turkmenistan border in Dashoguz to Tajikistan border near Oybeck May 10th to 31st, 2016
Turkmenistan from Iran border at Bajgiran to Uzbekistan border near Khiva May 6th to 10th, 2016
Iran from the ferry port Bandar Abbas to Turkmenistan border near Ashgabat April 11th to May 6th, 2016
United Arab Emirates from Saudi Arabia border to Sharjah and the ferry to Iran January 12th to April 10th, 2016
Saudi Arabia from the ferry port Jeddah in transit to United Arab Emirates border January 9th to 12th, 2016
Sudan – from Ethiopia border to Suakin and the ferry to Saudi Arabia December 9th, 2015 to January 8th, 2016
Kazakhstan –  from Kyrgyzstan to Russia border at Tretyakovo – August 9th to 21st, 2016
Russia Part 2a – from Tretyakovo at Kazakhstan border via Lake Teletskoye to Gorno Altaysk Aug. 21st to Sept. 26th, 2016
Russia Part 2b from Gorno Altaysk to the Mongolia border and back to the Ukraine border at Krupets Sept. 26th to Nov. 11th, 2016
Ukraine Part 3 from Russia border at Hlukiv to Odessa for shipping to Bintulu/Sarawak/Malaysia Nov. 11th to Dec. 5th, 2016
Myanmar (Burma) round trip (=start) without our vehicle from December 26th, 2016 to January 22nd, 2017
3rd Rejuvenation of our LandCruiser FJ60/1982 in Miri/Sarawak/East Malaysia from 2/6-5/3/2017 + continuation from 7/18-9/22/2018
Borneo-Sulawesi-Moluccas-Papua Trip (=start) from August 22nd, 2017 to May 27th, 2018
Kyrgyzstan Map
               Map of Central Asia
latest picture: August 9, 2016
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001  6/27/2016: On our descent from the
14'042 ft. [4'280m] high Tajik customs
post on the Kyzyl-Art Pass, we are greeted
by colorful alpine scenery, It is the start
of our journey into the mountain Republic
of Kyrgyzstan, also called Kirghizia
002  What a joy: Among the blooming
alpine flora of the Trans-Alay Range
we discover our first edelweiss's
(Leontopodium alpinum). They bring
back memories of our home country
003  Our LandCruiser is tackling its first gravel
miles of the Pamir H'way M41 through fascinating
Kyrgyzstan. The small mountainous country was
once part of the Silk Road, the ancient trade
route between China and Europe, as well before
independence on 8/31/1991 a Soviet republic
Nature’s wonder: Flowers brave the harsh high mountain climate and unfold their full beauty. Kyrgyzstan lies on an average height of
9'022 ft. [2'750m], embedded between its highest point, 24'406 ft. [2'750m] tall mountain Peak Jengish Choqusu (called also Pik Pobedy)
at the Chinese border in the East, and in the West its lowest point of 1'293 ft. in the Fergana Valley near the Tajik Kayrakkum Reservoir
007  Shiny white yurts of the semi-nomadic
shepherds in the green highland pasture. These
mobile “summer homes” stick out from far and
add to the grace of the Kyrgyz alpine scenery
008  A carpet of golden yellow flowers
spreads along a small water course
009  Two single white daisies
add some brightness!
010  On the descent from the 13'789 ft.
[4'203m] high Tajik/Kyrgyz border post to
Sari Tash the first impressing glacier
comes into view
011  Our LandCruiser is rolling through
pristine mountain scenery down the valley
to the remote village of Sari Tash, an
important road junction connecting
China, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan
012  Lush summer pasture and snow-capped
mountain peaks are part of Kyrgyzstan’s
beauties. Kyrgyzstan is often dubbed the
“Switzerland of Central Asia”
013  A small herd of horses gallops to
the next waterhole. Horses are indispensable
for the nomadic people
014  Shepherd children spot us in Sari Tash
and follow each of our movements
015  A petrol station, a small shop and a
handful of guesthouses is all that Sari Tash
with its 1'500 people, lying at 10'400 ft.
[3'170m] altitude, has to offer
016  People of Sari Tash lead their own
animals to the collecting point near the
gasoline station from where two shepherds
guide them to their summer pasture
017  Onward journey Sary Tash - Osh:
We reach the 11'860 ft. [3'615m] high
Taldyk pass. Peak Lenin (23'406 ft.
[7'134m]) is greeting from the distance
018  Two shepherd’s children are visiting us
on our breakfast stop on Taldyk pass: Their
cheeks are red from the harsh highland elements.
They are selling “kymyz” – fermented mare’s
milk – in bottles and are happy to get our empty
bottles and the buttered bread with a thick layer
of strawberry marmalade
019  The 23'406 ft. [7'134m] high Peak Lenin
on the Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan border is the
second highest point of both countries
020  View over the switchbacks descending
from the Taldyk pass into the valley, caught
by the morning sun
021  A natural scenery with soft pastel
colors right from a picture book
022  It is summer time in Kyrgyzstan. A
carpet of yellow flowers is spreading
on high altitude ground
023  For their “summer residence”
shepherds find a spot in a valley basin
protected from wind and weather
024  The pretty hamlet of Ych-Fabo close
to the city of Osh lies in a peaceful plain,
surrounded by bleak mountain ridges
025  Just amazing how a flower manages
to sprout in such a stony terrain
026  As far as the eye can see, a field of
wild golden yellow flowers stretches along
the foot of bleak mountain ridges
027  A delicate wild flower coming
to life in a stony environment
028  A little chat on the road with people
from the Czech Republic travelling
in two cars
029  The beauty of nature: Billowing
white clouds are sailing over an eroded
reddish cliff scenery
030  After the Taldyk pass the main
road to Osh runs through a craggy
landscape region
031  Craggy bleak mountain ridges are
part of the Kyrgyz scenery
032  The monument on the Chyyyrchyk
Pass on the M41 of the
Kyrgyz Pamir Highway
033  Also in the small mountain country there
are state coaches. A stretch limousine is
waiting for its next trip on the side of the road
The rolling hills dotted with yurts show that the nomadic culture of the Kyrgyz people survives.
A yurt allows to take it down anytime, head off to new pasture and rebuild it within hours.
Nowadays also caravans can be seen. It is much to be hoped that they will not replace the traditional yurts
037  Osh, the second largest Kyrgyz city:
At the Swiss “MuzToo” workshop, Emil is
inspecting the radiator. It looks rather
clogged and might be the reason for the
constant overheating of our LandCruiser.
We decide to have it cleaned …..
038  ….. a German guy is attending to it
and starts with the blowing through …..
039  ….. while a Kyrgyz dismantles
the carburetor, which also could be
the reason of overheating




040  Onward journey Osh – Bishkek:
A little “oases” in the dry steppe between
Osh and the capital Bishkek
041  A Kyrgyz wearing his local head
gear is wandering through the steppe
042  On the roadside three cheerful boys are
selling honey melons under a makeshift straw roof
The long narrow Kurpsay Reservoir – formed by the Naryn River –
is embedded into a rugged mountain scenery and offers many fascinating panoramas
046  Nothing is moving anymore: Along
the gorge of the Kurpsay Reservoir the road
is blocked due to a landslide causing a long
motorcade …..
047  ….. standing in the queue Emil is
enjoying the view down to the reservoir …..
048  ….. our LandCruiser is a welcoming
distraction for other stuck drivers
049  Shortly after the traffic is rolling
again, the narrow gorge opens briefly and
a washed out track leads towards the hill –
just what we need for our night camp …..
050  ..... in the middle of big bushes
with purple flowers we install ourselves
and relax with a local beer …..
051  ..... next morning we take breakfast
with the rising sun, enjoying nature pure
surrounding us
052  One of the most beautiful views over
the Kurpsay Reservoir, 45 miles [72km]
before Karakol along the M41 (= former
"Soviet" continuation of Pamir Highway)
053  A lonely horse is grazing at the
shore of peaceful Andijan Reservoir,
45 miles [73km] northeast of Osh
054  Near Taşkomur we meet a
rugged reddish landscape
055  A monumental Kyrgyz graveyard
against a stunning mountain backdrop
056  Tiny snails stick on
dry stalks of grass .....
057  ….. close-up of the small creepers
Across the southern part of Lake Toktogul there are again and again wonderful sights to bizarre rock formations of the other lake side.
The natural beauty of the place is only interrupted by very few restaurants
061  After the climb from Lake Toktogul, the
Ala-Bel Pass on 10'416 ft. [3'175m] altitude is
greeting us with snow-capped mountains …..
062  ….. thick snow piles are still on
meadows, next to them flowers already begin
to sprout. Liliana enjoys poking around
063  A horse is grazing on fresh pasture.
The shepherds have already moved
to the alpine pasture
Horses are indispensable for the nomadic people. They not only serve for riding,
but the mares also provide milk to produce milk products like yoghurt. Kyrgyz horses are known to be persistent,
unpretentious, tough and fast. Balanced temperament and good character are two further virtues
In the plains of the Suusamyr Valley broad fields of flowers are stretching towards the mountain chain – in yellow, purple and dotted with blue
070  Special road sign on the steep ascent
to the 10'433 ft. [3'180m] high Too-Ashuu
tunnel ruling that, if the axle pressure is more
than 7 metric tons and the temperature more
than 82.4°F [28°C], driving is only allowed
at night between 9pm and 9am
071  Cable car station in the Too-Ashuu ski
region – about 1½ mile [2½km] before the
10'433 ft. [3'180m] high Too-Ashuu tunnel –
with fantastic view to the Suusamyr-Too range
(13'281 ft. [4'048m]) mountain chain. The ski
resort is equipped with 3 slopes of various
complexity levels and different lengths
072  The Suusamyr-Too mountain range
glows in the mild evening light. View
from the Too-Ashuu cable car station
073  Glorious view over the snow-capped Suusamyr-Too mountain range from our camping spot at the Too-Ashuu cable car station
074  We set up camp at the Too-Ashuu
cable car station …..
075  ….. Liliana discovers all kind
of lovely flowers on her tour
around the camp …..
076  ….. while Emil prefers to enjoy
the spectacular mountain view
from our breakfast table


With their distinctive color, form and grace each of these flowers puts its own imprint to the beauty of the meadows
080  Police are closing the gate to the
1½ miles [2½km] long Too-Ashuu tunnel at
10'433 ft. [3'180m] altitude. A herd of horses
are guided from the south to the northern
side. The tunnel is today illuminated and
ventilated. In 2001 a fatal carbon monoxide
poisoning disaster occurred here
081  High mountain scenery on the
northern side of the Too-Ashuu tunnel
with a mountain stream gushing from
the snow-capped mountains
082  Our LandCruiser starts its journey from
the Too-Ashuu Pass down to the valley,
direction Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan
083  The 34 miles [55km] descent from
the Too-Ashuu Pass (10'270 ft. [3'130m])
to the plains of Sosnovka (3'710 ft. [1'130m])
leads in switchbacks through a narrow gorge,
flanked by towering mountains
084  A plant is raising its white
flower towards the sky
085  The timeless yurts in the lush highland
summer pasture are part of the fascination
of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan
086  A Kyrgyz family takes over and
makes a sign to stop. All they want
is to make a Selfie with us!
087  A Kyrgyz lady is attending our
exotic LandCruiser at a gasoline station
088  On the last day of our journey through
Kyrgyzstan, Liliana poses for a remembrance
picture with Galina, the lovely landlord of our
rented apartment in Bishkek, where we had to
organize the Russian visa in Switzerland
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