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Pictures of our Borneo-Sulawesi-Moluccas-West Papua Trip -  in August-..... 2017
- Part 1 on Borneo from Miri via Kuching in Sarawak/Malaysia to Balikpapan in Kalimantan/Indonesia
3rd Rejuvenation of our LandCruiser FJ601982 in Miri/Sarawak/East Malaysia from 2/6/2017
Myanmar (Burma) Part 3 – from Nyaungshwe at Inle Lake to Mandalay and Goteik viaduct
Myanmar (Burma) Part 2 – Bago (Pegu) - Shwenyaung at Inle Lake
Myanmar (Burma) Part 1 – from Yangon (Rangoon) to the 'Golden Rock' of Kyaiktiyo
Ukraine – from Russia border at Kyaterinіvka to port city Odessa (29th container to Bintulu/Sarawak/East Malaysia)
Russia – from Kazakhstan (at Mikhaylovka) to Mongolia border (at Tashanta) and Ukraine border at Krupets August 21st to November 11th, 2016
Kazakhstan –  from Kyrgyzstan border at Korday to Russia border at Shemonaika – August 9th to 21st, 2016
Kyrgyzstan from Tajikistan border in Pamir to Kazakhstan border at Karkara June 27th to July xxth, 2016
Tajikistan Part 2 from Dushanbe to the Kyrgyzstan border June 19th to 27th, 2016
Tajikistan Part 1 from Uzbekistan border to Dushanbe May 31st to June 18th, 2016
Uzbekistan from Turkmenistan border in Dashoguz to Tajikistan border near Oybeck May 10th to 31st, 2016
Turkmenistan from Iran border at Bajgiran to Uzbekistan border near Khiva May 6th to 10th, 2016
Iran from the ferry port Bandar Abbas to Turkmenistan border near Ashgabat April 11th to May 6th, 2016
United Arab Emirates from Saudi Arabia border to Sharjah and the ferry to Iran January 12th to April 10th, 2016
Saudi Arabia from the ferry port Jeddah in transit to United Arab Emirates border January 9th to 12th, 2016
Sudan – from Ethiopia border to Suakin and the ferry to Saudi Arabia December 9th, 2015 to January 8th, 2016
Sarawak Map
 Map of Southeast Asia
Because we drove the current first part below from Miri in Malaysia to Pontianak in Indonesia already in October/November 2006, which is published on the website “Borneo” (see pic # 26-51) as well as the first “Indonesia Trip Part 1“ (see pic # 49-54), we won't show now anymore so many photos from this stretch. Though we shall see “new land” between Pontianak and Kumai. However also the current second part – the sector from Kumai to Balikpapan – is a repetition for us (July 2007) and can be seen on the site “Indonesia Trip Part 6” (see pic # 2-34). Links are in the captures.
latest picture: September 15, 2017
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001  Departure from our MCity Apartment
in Miri/Sarawak/East Malaysia on the Island
of Borneo. It was our pleasant "home" during
the 3rd rejuvenation of our LandCruiser .....
002  ..... where we experienced
magnificent sunsets from our
balcony on the 3rd floor
003  Is there a lovelier lighthouse
than the seahorse at Miri's Marina,
which is the towns mascot?
004  The three of us in front of Miri's
famous landmark – the seahorse – at
our departure to the South from
northern Sarawak
005  A traditional longhouse of the Dayak
in Sarawak, here before Sibu. At Sungai Asap
near Bintulu – the longest longhouse – up to
100 families live under the same roof but have
different doorways from the communal terrace
006  Our LandCruiser at the 100 years old
Tua Pek Kong Temple along the Rajang
River in Sibu. With its 7-storey pagoda it
is an impressive landmark of the town
007  On the coastal road to Kuching through Pusa
and Sebuyau our LandCruiser drives off one of the
two ferries that connect this route. Both of the two
ferries cost amazingly only 1 Ringgit (= US$ 0.20).
Although the distance from Sibu to Kuching in
southern Sarawak is therefore about 60 miles
[100km] shorter, the time remains about the same
due to the two river crossings
008  Emil enjoys our picnic of satay sticks
with beer at the camping table below a shady
jackfruit tree along Maludam National Park,
which cannot be classified as spectacular from
the roadside view, because it can be entered
only with difficulties (flat peat swamp forest)
009  While Miri in northern Sarawak has
the seahorse as mascot, Kuching is the city
of the cats. Cute and funny cat monuments
are scattered in and around Sarawak's
capital in the South of the Malaysian
state on the Island of Borneo. Here the
most important in the East of the old city
(South City Council)
010  Another enjoyable cute cat monument
– a whole family – in Kuching, the city of
cats. Actually there are three in the old city:
East (South City Council), center and West
(North City Council)
011  Kuching's most striking 9-storied building
– the "Sarawak State Assembly" with its
distinctive "payung" (umbrella) roof –
sits on the northern shore of the Sarawak
River and was opened on July 27th, 2009
012  The pedestrian zone of the "India
Street" in an old area of the city of Kuching
is lined with shops selling all kind of stuff,
particularly textiles. Its special roofing
was completed in 2016
013  9/6/2017: We celebrate our easy-going
531st border crossing, this time from Tebedu/
Malaysia to Entikong/Indonesia with an
Indonesian “Bintang” beer. All we get is one
with 0.0% alcohol. Bleak prospects – finished
with Malaysian “Tiger” and “Tiger Radler”!
014  The new Tayan Bridge between
Tayan (North) and Piasak (South) over
the mighty Kapuas River in West
Kalimantan is announcing
itself in huge letters .....
015  ..... the bridge is part of the “Trans
Kalimantan Highway” and connects West
Borneo with Central Borneo. It was opened
on May 22, 2016. It is the longest bridge
in Borneo with a length of 6'480 ft [1'975m]
016  9/7/2017: About 3 miles [5km] North of
the Tayan bridge over the Kapuas River in West
Kalimantan, we cross the Equator from the northern
to the southern hemisphere for the 20th time,thereof
14 times with our LandCruiser. Nothing indicates
latitude 0°, just the Garmin GPS shows us the spot
017  A settlement along the relatively new
“Trans Kalimantan Highway” that leads more
than 250 miles [>400km] through lush tropical
vegetation. From here until Pangkalanbun, it is
“new land” for us. In 2007 it wasn't
driveable due to heavy rain
018  An Indonesian lady protects
herself from the scorching Equator
sun with an umbrella
019  One of the ten landslides on the 1'150 ft.
[350m] high hill passage from West to Central
Kalimantan. They are all more recent, but already
passable again. With it the most attractive and
still mostly untouched part of the improved
“Trans Kalimantan Highways” ends
020  The huge “plant fronds” emerging
from the tropical vegetation
are always eye-catching
021  A narrow but one of the many slow-
moving brown jungle rivers in Kalimantan,
fringed by luxury tropical vegetation.
It has a kind of inscrutable appearance
022  Surprise, surprise! Is this not a shop with
REAL beer? While driving through a bigger
town Emil discovers the piled up Bintang cases.
Hopefully better days are ahead!
023  This monumental mosque stays in the city
of Sampit in Central Kalimantan. Such huge
buildings can be found everywhere, as Islam
is the main religion in Kalimantan: West 59%,
Central 74%, South 96%, East 85%, North 65%
024  One of the many “swiftlet fortresses”, besides
palm oil another lucrative business. Swiftlet's nests
are collected and sold to China. They are a Chinese
delicacy. 1lb = about 55 nests cost up to US$725
[1kg/120 nests US$1'600], depending on quality
025  During a short stopover on our roller coaster
ride from South to East Kalimantan a father takes
a picture from us, while his family is enjoying it.
Smartphones are just everywhere!
026  The crossing from South to East Kalimantan
is a constant roller coaster ride through luxurious
tropical green. Up to now it is the slowest stretch
due to the holey bad road condition
027  It never takes long for kids to spot our
special looking LandCruiser. Somehow it doesn't
fit into their normal scene; therefore their
astonishment is always obvious
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