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Pictures of our Borneo-Sulawesi-Moluccas-Papua Trip -  in August 2017-May 2018
- Tenth part: In West Papua Part 2 on the eastern Bird's Head Peninsula from Manokwari to Ransiki and to the
                                                                Kebar Valley, and afterwards continuing by ferry to Makassar in South Sulawesi
Papua Part 2 – Biak and onwards by ferry to Manokwari in West Papua Part 2 (Irian Jaya) on eastern Bird's Head Peninsula
Papua Part 1 – Yapen and onwards by ferry to Biak in Papua
Moluccas (Central) Part 2 – Ambon and onwards by ferry to Serui on Yapen in Papua
Moluccas (Central) Part 1 – Seram and onwards by ferry to Ambon in Moluccas
West Papua Part 1 – on the western Bird's Head Peninsula from Sorong, ‚Trans Papua Road’ and onwards by ferry to Seram in Moluccas (Central)
North Moluccas Part 2 – Halmahera and onwards by ferry to Sorong in West Papua Part 1 (Irian Jaya) on western Bird's Head Peninsula
North Moluccas Part 1 – Ternate and Tidore and onwards by ferry to  Sofifi on Halmahera on North Moluccas
North Sulawesi Part 2 – Tomohon and surroundings to Tangkoko NP and onwards to Bitung with ferry to Ternate on North Moluccas
Sarawak-Kalimantan-North Sulawesi Part 1 – Miri via Kuching in Sarawak/Malaysia to Balikpapan in Kalimantan and continuing by ferry to Sulawesi
3rd Rejuvenation of our LandCruiser FJ60/1982 in Miri/Sarawak/East Malaysia from 2/6/2017
Myanmar (Burma) Part 3 – from Nyaungshwe at Inle Lake to Mandalay and Goteik viaduct
Myanmar (Burma) Part 2 – Bago (Pegu) - Shwenyaung at Inle Lake
Myanmar (Burma) Part 1 – from Yangon (Rangoon) to the 'Golden Rock' of Kyaiktiyo
Ukraine Part 3 – from Russia border at Kyaterinіvka to port city Odessa (29th container to Bintulu/Sarawak/East Malaysia)
Russia – from Kazakhstan (at Mikhaylovka) to Mongolia border (at Tashanta) and Ukraine border at Krupets August 21st to November 11th, 2016
Kazakhstan –  from Kyrgyzstan border at Korday to Russia border at Shemonaika – August 9th to 21st, 2016
Kyrgyzstan from Tajikistan border in Pamir to Kazakhstan border at Karkara June 27th to August 9th, 2016
Tajikistan Part 2 from Dushanbe to the Kyrgyzstan border June 19th to 27th, 2016
Tajikistan Part 1 from Uzbekistan border to Dushanbe May 31st to June 18th, 2016
Uzbekistan from Turkmenistan border in Dashoguz to Tajikistan border near Oybeck May 10th to 31st, 2016
Turkmenistan from Iran border at Bajgiran to Uzbekistan border near Khiva May 6th to 10th, 2016
Iran from the ferry port Bandar Abbas to Turkmenistan border near Ashgabat April 11th to May 6th, 2016
United Arab Emirates from Saudi Arabia border to Sharjah and the ferry to Iran January 12th to April 10th, 2016
Saudi Arabia from the ferry port Jeddah in transit to United Arab Emirates border January 9th to 12th, 2016
Sudan – from Ethiopia border to Suakin and the ferry to Saudi Arabia December 9th, 2015 to January 8th, 2016
South Sulawesi-Kalimantan-Sarawak Part 2 – Makassar in South Sulawesi by ferry to Batulicin in South Kalimantan and continuing via Kuching to Miri in Sarawak
Continuation of the 3rd Rejuvenation of our LandCruiser FJ60/1982 in Miri/Sarawak/East Malaysia from 2/6/2017 and again from 7/16/2018
Sarawak Map
 Map of Southeast Asia
latest picture: May 4, 2018
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1439  4/12/2018: Our ferry “KMP Kasuari
Pasifik IV” approaches Manokwari in the
West Papua Province on the eastern part of
the Bird’s Head Peninsula. In the background
the Arfak Mountains (9'695 ft. [2'955m])
1440  View from the ferry deck to
the big Aston Hotel complex and
the parliament of Manokwari City
on top of the hill
1441  Not for our budget, but visiting
is free: Emil in front of the swimming
pool of the Aston Hotel, the most
expensive accommodation in town
1442  The yellow ship lift (ro-ro ramp)
for leveling the tide marks the landing place
of the port of Manokwari. Almost all ASDP
ferry landings have this mechanism
1443  Watched by officers and crew
members our Landcruiser is leaving the
hull of “KMP Kasuari Pasifik IV” where
it spent 13½ hours (= 150 miles [240km]).
It was its 313. sea journey since begin
of our journey on 10/16/1984
1444  Emil “squeezes” our LandCruiser
past passengers with bulky baggage,
vehicles collecting freight and food
stalls out of the port. Sometimes
it works just by a whisker!
1445  View from the “Table Mountain”
(Gunung Meja) over Sawaisu Bay with the
front of modest stilt houses in the central
district of Sanggeng. Manokwari (metro)
is home to about 300’000 people …..
1446  ….. this narrow city alleyway
leads directly down to Wosi Bay
1447  The At-Taqwa mosque with its dome
watches over Wosi Bay (Manokwari).
In Christian dominated Manokwari
mosques are in the minority (West
Papua: Christians ~61%, Muslim ~38%)
1448  It is lunchtime and not anymore
busy. Despite of it the lady vendor behind
her stall with piled up lychees is hoping
for customers
1449  This almost toothless guy
at the Manokwari market insist to
have his picture taken, yet not
asking for money
1450  The lady vendor has a good reason
to laugh. Her betel nuts are going to be
sold as good as certain. Mixed with a
green mustard stick and crushed coral lime
they generate a mild stimulant –
similar to the qat leaves in Yemen


1451  A mobile street vendor. They are a
common sight in Indonesia. Often small
dishes are fried on the spot – spicy,
sweet and tasteful (pedas nanis gurih)
1452  In the middle of Manokwari
town there still are these private filling
stations that serve mainly motorbikes
1453  Motorbike owners who need less:
One of the many selling points of fuel
in plastic bottles along a city street


1454  In front of their home grandma
and grandchild are listening to the Sunday
mass transmitted by loudspeaker
to the outside
1455  Peaceful life in a suburban
quarter of Manokwari City. Here
children can be still children
and even can play on the street
1456  Nowadays in all of Papua are only
very few tribes that live the way their
ancestral did. The Hawaii Bakery in
Manokwari City shows statues of two clans
people in their traditional outfit. Liliana
seems to be comfortable in their midst
1457  The lovely “Elim-Koawi Church” in
Manokwari with the monument of the first
missionaries, who landed on the offshore
Island of Mansinam (see #1463) on
February 5th, 1855. This event is celebrated
each year across the region …..
1458  ….. the roofed memorial of the
first German missionaries C.W. Ottow
and G.G. Geissler, with wooden pillars
painted with Papuan motifs and graves …..
1459  ….. and the mural painting of the
sailing boat in which the missionaries
arrived, as well as their phrase "In the
name of our God we are stepping on
this land" and the Bible with the
reference to "Ephesians 5:8


1460  The lovely monument in Papuan
style is located ¾ miles [1.2km] southwest
of the port along Pasir Putih road behind of
the “Elim Church” and is dedicated to the
first missionaries Ottow and Geissler
1461  Sunday service at the Ebenhaezer
Church in Fanindi, Manokwari: The many
parked motorbikes in front of the “Evangelical
Christian Church of Irian Jaya” are testimony
of the religious devoutness of the people
1462  A fine carved and brightly
painted canoe in Papuan stile adorns
the sign of Manokwari’s “Evangelical
Christian Church of Irian Jaya”
1463  The 97 ft. [29½m] high Christ statue
that rises above the treetops of Mansinam
Island marks the place where the first
missionaries Ottow and Geissler landed on
5.2.1855 in the West Papua Province …..
1464  …. close-up of the Christ statue.
It has been built to commemorate the
history of Christianity in the West Papua
and Papua Provinces (former Irian Jaya)
and resembles the Christ statue of Rio de
Janeiro/Brazil (height 125 ft. [38m]) …..
1465  ….. the lush green western
side of Mansinam Island. Around
800 people live on the island. It is
located about 3¾ miles [6km] southwest
from the center of Manokwari and can be
reached by speed boat in 10-15 minutes
1466  The afternoon mood bathes the
stilt house settlement east of Hotel
Mansinam in a lovely light, 3¾ miles
[6km] southwest of Manokwari City),
near the Mansinam Island jetty
1467  The lovely relief at the Mansinam
Hotel shows a couple of the Papuan “Dani”
tribe in their natural environment, although
they are located actually in the Baliem
Valley in the highlands of Papua
1468  Traditional Papuan tribal art adorns on
both sides the portal of the police headquarters
(Polda) of West Papua in Maripi, 12 mi.[20km]
southwest of Manokwari City: Topic: Warriors
in war paint rowing a traditional canoe




1469  View from the Aston Hotel in
Manokwari towards the South. On the right
hand side lies the Arfak Mountain ridge
1470  The lovely setting in lush green and
the three crosses are the particularities of
this GBI Church Center (Gereja Bethel
Indonesia) in Manokwari-Salju
1471  A remembrance picture on our
way to the “Gunung Meja National Park”
(Table Mountain Park) east
of Manokwari City
1472  Not a soul: East of Manokwari City
we are surprised by a long deserted sandy
beach at the Pacific Ocean
1473  A Papuan boy with typical frizzy hair
and broad nose smiles into our camera
1474  The beach at Pasir Putih – 6 miles
[10km] east of Manokwari City – is a popular
place to chill out with family and friends
1475  On our way on the “Trans Papua
Highway” towards Ransiki and Anggi
Lakes: A heavily forested ridge of
the Arfak Mountains reflects in a
calm jungle river …..
1476  ….. on which shore carpets
of lilac water flowers are growing,
presumably “creeping foxgloves”
(Asystasia gangetica)
1477  A mountain creek coming from the
Arfak Mountains is rushing through
tropical vegetation down into the valley.
A woman takes advantage of the
clear river water to do her laundry
1478  Mist covers the upper slopes of the
tropical Arfak Mountain range in the
Manokwari regency. It is a popular hiking,
trekking and bird watching destination
1479  The dry pink flower is growing
straight as a pole skywards. It feels
like a strawflower and belongs to the
genus of knapweeds (Centaurea)
1480  The “Trans Papua Highway”, which
between Manokwari and Ransiki is completed
(and a bit further southwards), is snaking along
the coast through beautiful tropical forest
1481  A (still) untouched coast as far as
the eye can reach: View from the road
on our way to Ransiki over the
Cenderawasih Bay
1482  The pretty little village church
of Wedoni – 30 miles [50km] north
of Ransiki – embedded into
tropical vegetation
1483  Natural beauty: A blooming
flower carpet of “creeping foxgloves”
(Asystasia gangetica) in its exuberant
growth along the coast to Ransiki
1484  The water is channeling its own way
through the wide sandy river bed – near
Oransbari, 20 miles [30km] before Ransiki
1485  Two girls are washing their
motorbikes. One of them takes the
opportunity to take a refreshing bath
1486  A mountain torrent shrouded in mist
from the Arfak Mountais rushes through lush
vegetation downstream into the valley
On the “Trans Papua Highway” Manokwari-Sorong. The huge project that is currently under construction will lead in a few years in
2'690 miles [4'330km] from Sorong to Jayapura and Merauke at the Papua New Guinea border. Either we were obviously too early
in the region, or the task is delayed, although the plans say that the road net will be connected by the end of 2019.
However connected doesn't mean here that it can already been used
1487  We tackle our failed “Trans Papua
Highway” project Sorong-Manokwari in
reverse direction: From Manokwari
towards west it starts with an excellent
new tarmac road .....
1488  ….. along the road we cross
many bridges over rivers which are
meandering through the tropical
vegetation towards the valley …..
1489  ….. new settlements come in sight,
some are already inhabited, some not yet
On the “Trans Papua Highway” Manokwari-Sorong:
1490  An especially lovely cloud picture in
the rain forest that keeps our spirits high
1491  A special highlight: Our Land-
Cruiser enters a jungle region where the
overgrowth produces bizarre formations
1492  Eventually the Pacific reappears
briefly: Picture from Gunung Doa near
Mubrani – 80 mi.[130km] west of Manokwari
Onwards on the “Trans Papua Highway” Manokwari-Sorong:
1493  The view into the depth of the
virgin rainforest from 2'115 ft. [645m]
altitude, 27 miles [43km] short of the
village of Kebar, is impressive …..
1494  ….. only the yellow of a blooming
bush interrupts the endless green …..
1495  ….. which is dominating the rainforest
in all shades. The background at the right
hand side shows where the new “Trans
Papua Highway” will run
On the “Trans Papua Highway” Manokwari-Sorong resp. Sorong-Manokwari: Because rain starts reaching the Kebir Valley, everything gets
shrouded in fog and because the road deteriorates visibly, we make a U-turn and drive back to Manokwari. Out of the total 370 miles [600km]
long stretch through the Bird's Head Peninsula we managed to drive 155 miles [250km] on the Sorong side and now 90 miles [150km] from
Manokwari. The first westerly half of the missing 125 miles [200km] in the middle is a very bad muddy construction site that is only passable by
4x4 after some days of a dry spell; the eastern half through the Kebir Valley until our turning point however is said to be for any kind of weather
1496  Fog is raising from the plain
engulfing the first tree
1497  Emil relaxes with a well-deserved
Bintang Beer after a 2 mi. [3km] long, steep
and stony ascent in 4-wheel drive. There is
a heavenly peace. Only melodious twittering
of birds interrupts the silence
1498  Here is our turning point of the
“Trans Papua Highway” Manokwari-Sorong.
The last turning point was on the Petik
Bintang Pass when we tried to drive from
Sorong to Manokwari
Return journey from our turnaround point of the “Trans Papua Highway” to Manokwari:
1499  The roofs of the new settlements
along the “Trans Papua Highway” are covered
with jazzy blue corrugated iron. A fashion
trend or the only color available? Obviously
settlers are lured into the new accessible areas
1500  Our LandCruiser is obviously likewise
in line with the trend: Its blue is matching
perfectly the iron roofs of another new
settlement along the “Trans Papua Highway”
1501  Part of the “Trans Papua Highway”
in the eastern Bird's Head Peninsula –
today's West Papua Province – which
meanders through lush vegetation
1502  5/2/2018: It is 3am when the brightly
illuminated “KM Ciremai” that will bring us
via Sorong and Bau-Bau to Makassar in
Sulawesi finally arrives at the port of
Manokwari with 6 hours delay
1503  The delay brought also the low tide.
Hence the ramp cannot be lowered. We
are rushed to drive our LandCruiser into
a container that will be lifted by the ship's
own crane to the deck. Emil is removing
our spare tires from the roof …..
1504  ….. it is done! Our LandCruiser
is caged in its 30th box and ready to be
lifted onto the deck of “KM Ciremai”
1505  On our sea journey from Manokwari
in West Papua to Makassar in Sulawesi we
call after 12½h and 235 miles [378km] at
the port of Sorong. It is our first stopover
1506  A wooden boat in antique building
style in the calm waters around Sorong. It
carries tourists on board that are sailing to
the diving islands of Rajat Ampat
1507  View from the ship to the 53 ft.[16m]
tall Christ statue made of copper, 44 miles
[70km] west of Sorong, which blesses the
arrivals at the entrance to the land of Papua
1508  The port “Terminal Penumpang
Kapal Laut” of Sorong at our first
stopover with “KM Ciremai” from
Manokwari to Makassar .....
1509  ….. boarding passengers push
with bag and baggage towards the
gangway. All hope to be able to
snatch a good sleeping spot
1510  It is 5.35pm and the sun is setting
in a flaming red, when our ferry leaves
Sorong and sets out to its next destination
Bau-Bau in Southeast Sulawesi –
36 hours = 725 miles [1'168km] away
Life on deck of our “KM Ciremai”:
1511  Mother and child are
enjoying the fresh sea air
1512  People are passing their time with
chatting, sleeping, walking up and down,
watching fellow passengers or simply
gazing out to the calm sea. Because there
is always coverage on the vessel, the cell
phones are continuously in use
1513  The little boy on his mother’s
lap has discovered something




1514  The dormitories with the soft
mattresses are the most desired places on
the “KM Ciremai”: First come, first served
1515  At prayer time shoes pile up
in front of the prayer room for
Muslims on “KM Ciremai”
1516  It is our LandCruiser that is
traveling with us in the somehow
dilapidated container on the right
1517  Morning at six the world is still in
order: Light beams of the rising sun reflect
in the mirror like waters near the city of
Bau-Bau on the island of Buton in
Southeast Sulawesi
1518  The terminal Murhum of Bau-Bau
on Buton island in Southeast Sulawesi shows
city character. We are on our way back to
“civilization”. The pretty landing points of
the small islands belong to the past
1519  View from deck of our “KM Ciremai”:
Morning mist sails over the roofs of
Bau-Bau in the early morning hours. On
the right hand side behind the containers
is the “Sulaiman Al Munawarah Mosque”
1520  Bau-Bau grants us a glimpse to the
impressive “Sisi Lain Islamic Center” when
our ferry leaves Buton island along its coast
for Makassar in South Sulawesi
1521  “Hopefully the container with its
broken floor makes a safe landing!” This is
our greatest concern when on May 4, 2018,
9pm, it's getting lowered from deck of
“KM Ciremai” in Makassar/South Sulawesi
1522  Watched by the agent of the
Pelni Shipping Line and bystanders, Emil
is unlashing our LandCruiser – a very
familiar job by now. We are definitively
back in the “civilization”
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