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Pictures of our Borneo-Sulawesi-Moluccas-Papua Trip -  in August 2017-May 2018
- Fifth part: In West Papua Part 1 on the western Bird's Head Peninsula from Sorong to Petik Bintang Pass and
                                                        continuing by ferry to Wahai on the island of Seram in the Moluccas (Central)
North Moluccas Part 2 – Halmahera and onwards by ferry to Sorong in West Papua Part 1 (Irian Jaya) on western Bird's Head Peninsula
North Moluccas Part 1 – Ternate and Tidore and onwards by ferry to Sofifi on Halmahera on North Moluccas
North Sulawesi Part 2 – Tomohon and surroundings to Tangkoko NP and onwards to Bitung by ferry to Ternate on North Moluccas
Sarawak-Kalimantan-North Sulawesi Part 1 – Miri via Kuching in Sarawak/Malaysia to Balikpapan in Kalimantan and continuing by ferry to Sulawesi
3rd Rejuvenation of our LandCruiser FJ60/1982 in Miri/Sarawak/East Malaysia from 2/6/2017
Myanmar (Burma) Part 3 – from Nyaungshwe at Inle Lake to Mandalay and Goteik viaduct
Myanmar (Burma) Part 2 – Bago (Pegu) - Shwenyaung at Inle Lake
Myanmar (Burma) Part 1 – from Yangon (Rangoon) to the 'Golden Rock' of Kyaiktiyo
Ukraine Part 3 – from Russia border at Kyaterinіvka to port city Odessa (29th container to Bintulu/Sarawak/East Malaysia)
Russia – from Kazakhstan (at Mikhaylovka) to Mongolia border (at Tashanta) and Ukraine border at Krupets August 21st to November 11th, 2016
Kazakhstan –  from Kyrgyzstan border at Korday to Russia border at Shemonaika – August 9th to 21st, 2016
Kyrgyzstan from Tajikistan border in Pamir to Kazakhstan border at Karkara June 27th to August 9th, 2016
Tajikistan Part 2 from Dushanbe to the Kyrgyzstan border June 19th to 27th, 2016
Tajikistan Part 1 from Uzbekistan border to Dushanbe May 31st to June 18th, 2016
Uzbekistan from Turkmenistan border in Dashoguz to Tajikistan border near Oybeck May 10th to 31st, 2016
Turkmenistan from Iran border at Bajgiran to Uzbekistan border near Khiva May 6th to 10th, 2016
Iran from the ferry port Bandar Abbas to Turkmenistan border near Ashgabat April 11th to May 6th, 2016
United Arab Emirates from Saudi Arabia border to Sharjah and the ferry to Iran January 12th to April 10th, 2016
Saudi Arabia from the ferry port Jeddah in transit to United Arab Emirates border January 9th to 12th, 2016
Sudan – from Ethiopia border to Suakin and the ferry to Saudi Arabia December 9th, 2015 to January 8th, 2016
Moluccas (Central) Part 1 – Seram and onwards by ferry to Ambon in Moluccas
Moluccas (Central) Part 2 – Ambon and onwards by ferry to Serui on Yapen in Papua
Papua Part 1 – Yapen and onwards by ferry to Biak in Papua
Papua Part 2 – Biak and onwards by ferry to Manokwari in West Papua Part 2 (Irian Jaya) on eastern Bird's Head Peninsula
West Papua (Irian Jaya) Part 2 – on the eastern Bird's Head Peninsula from Manokwari, ‚Trans Papua Road’ and onwards by ferry to Makassar in South Sulawesi
South Sulawesi-Kalimantan-Sarawak Part 2 – Makassar in South Sulawesi by ferry to Batulicin in South Kalimantan and continuing via Kuching to Miri in Sarawak
Continuation of the 3rd Rejuvenation of our LandCruiser FJ60/1982 in Miri/Sarawak/East Malaysia from 2/6/2017 and again from 7/16/2018
Sarawak Map
 Map of Southeast Asia
latest picture: February 15, 2018
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1067  At the port of Sorong ‘Usahamina’ on the
Bird’s Head Peninsula adventurous looking boats
and most ASDP ferries run to different islands
1068  The Alpha Omega Church in the classic
architecture in the city of Sorong. The people
of West Papua are mainly Christians; there
are all kinds of congregations
1069  The pastel colored row of houses
on Ahmad Yani street stands out from the
otherwise monotonous Sorong’s city scenery
1070  The At Taqwa Mosque in its
striking green paint is a dash of color
in Sorong’s city center
1071  Remu creek is criss-crossing the
city of Sorong: Its romance however gets
lost by the floating garbage
1072  Sunset at the ‘Kasuari Valley Beach
Resort’ 8 miles [13km] north of Sorong, which
we enjoyed together with members of the
Toyota LandCruiser Indonesia Club
1073  Christmas 2017 in Sorong: The lovely
crib along a road spreads some spirit of
Christmas despite of the tropical heat …..
1074  ….. also the colorfully decorated
Christmas trees are announcing
Christmas …..
1075  ….. and the bakery at the Saga
Supermarket contributes with its own
sweet creation to the Christmas mood
1076  At the Christmas decorations
shop girls happily pose for a picture
1077  The ladies at the Saga Supermarket
entry hope to sell some of their fruit
1078  Emil at the cashier of the Saga Super-
market. Yes, he is buying water not beer!
(though it would be available here, but expensive:
1 case = 24x16.9oz [500ml] = US$2.50/can!)
1079  Emil with Ezra (next to him), his father
and brother of the Toyota LandCruiser Indonesia
Club at the ‘Kasuari Valley Beach Resort’
outside of Sorong
1080  The Mayor of Sorong-South
surprises Emil with a big donation with
the words “You are my heroes!”
1081  Picture with the nice young officer at
Sorong’s main customs office who transferred
the Indonesian entry stamp from the old
‘Carnet de Passages’ into our new one
At the Boswesen market in Sorong, approx. 4½ miles [7km] east of town at the seashore
1082  Chicken and quail eggs are piled up.
Quail eggs are considered a delicacy
in many parts of the world
1083  Display of root vegetables, cooking
bananas, papayas, pineapples; also the red
chili peppers are not missing
1084  Apart from plucked chicken,
fish is the only fresh meat sold at the market
At the Boswesen market in Sorong, approx. 4½ miles [7km] east of town at the seashore
1085  A stall with betel nuts. Mixed with
a green mustard stick and crushed coral lime
they generate a mild stimulant – similar to
the qat leaves in Yemen
1086  Meticulously arranged vegetables of
every kind at a market stall. The Muslim
vendor points to the spicy red chili peppers
1087  A vendor arranges betel nuts. The red
tinted saliva that is produced through constant
chewing und then spitted out, leaves red marks on
the ground. It reminds us to Papua New Guinea
At the Boswesen market in Sorong, approx. 4½ miles [7km] east of town at the seashore
1088  The girl on a market stall does
not hesitate to look into the camera.
Then she wants to see her picture
1089  Little boys have always
fun when their picture is taken
1090  “Do I not look cool with this sunglasses?”
Faces of three clever vendor ladies at the Boswesen market in Sorong
1094  A man is preparing coconuts. Its
vitamin rich coco water is refreshing and
its jellylike flesh nutritious
1095  Houses on stilts are lining the eastern
coast between Boswesen market and
‘Kasuari Valley Beach Resort’ near Sorong
1096  This is how it looks behind the
Boswesen market in Sorong. The beach
is covered with inches of garbage
1097  12/24/2017: Our Christmas meal at
the “Dapur Berkat” Restaurant in Sorong.
Menue: melon drink with coconut stripes,
satay sticks with rice and wine
1098  Papua children gather at the “Dapur
Berkat” Restaurant to receive Christmas presents.
Eveline, the owner, supports the local nonprofit
organization “Yayasan Pelangi Negeriku”.
Priorities: Education, health, orphanage
1099  Eveline greets the kids.
They are gifted with new clothes,
shoes and school satchels
1100  The little boy beams at the Christmas
handing out at the “Dapur Berkat” Restaurant
in Sorong. He returns again and again to
shake Liliana’s hand
1101  Also these two girls are outgoing
1102  The curly hair, the broad nose and the
dark skin are typical for the Indonesian provinces
of West Papua and Papua (former Irian Jaya),
and also for the country Papua New Guinea
1103  Locals feast on durian, the Southeastasian
tropical fruit with its pungent smell of rotten meat.
It is banned from places like hotels
1104  “Delicious!”
1105  A family is feasting on the “king of fruits”.
This is how the durian fruit is also called in Asia
1106  “Which fish would you like? Which
color suits today?” It is grilled on the spot and
the smell of grilled fish fills the air in the evenings!
1107  The elderly lady is sitting each evening,
when it cools down, in front of her little kiosk
1108  What might this girl with the lovely
head dress think?
1109  The 189th flat tire at 104°F [40°] midday
heat about 25 miles [40km] from Sorong on the
“Trans Papua Highway” direction Manokwari.
The steel belt broke
1110  At the tire repair shed in Sorong Emil
has to assist handling the split rim ring
1111  Our four new ‘BFGoodrich Cross
Control 7.50R 16 LT’ (= IDR 7'068'000/US$561)
tires airfreighted (freight IDR 5'084'000/US$404)
from Makassar in South Sulawesi are mounted
163 years ago, the first missionaries set foot on Papua on the Mansinam Island near Manokwari. This is celebrated each year on February 5th
1112  At the beating of drums, a traditionally
outfitted dance team initializes in front of the
portal of the Maranatha church in Sorong
the festivities of the 163rd anniversary of the
landing of the first missionaries in Papua
1113  Group picture of the traditionally
painted dancers in raffia skirts
and feather headdress
1114  During the church celebration
also children are among the singers
163 years ago, the first missionaries set foot on Papua on the Mansinam Island near Manokwari. This is celebrated each year on February 5th
1115  Churchgoers are joining
in the solemn chant
1116  The priest on the pulpit is also
wearing the traditional feather headdress
1117  Listening to the long sermon it
can happen that the eyelids are dropping!


163 years ago, the first missionaries set foot on Papua on the Mansinam Island near Manokwari. This is celebrated each year on February 5th
1118  The three little boys with their
sparkling eyes are bored …..
1119  ….. whereas the little girl is
following spellbound the celebration
1120  Closing ceremony against the special
background of the golden pulpit in form of a
shell and the Raja Ampat scenery. The cake
with the number 163 is cut by the priest
and then distributed
1121  A calm jungle river on the way to Ayamaru
meandering through thick jungle vegetation
1122  Simple ladder made of bamboo
that bridges the steep slope
1123  The beauty of moth orchids of the
genus Phalaenopsis is part of jungle highlights
1124  This density of this forest is testimony
of the fast growing tropical vegetation
1125  Alone on the “Trans Papua Highway”
direction Manokwari – about halfway
between Sorong and Ayamaru
1126  A shed with a priviledged lookout
down to the “Trans Papua Highway”


1127  It is hard to miss the big sparkling
red flowers hanging from the New-Guinea
creeper (Mucuna bennettii)
1128  This bush produces a wreath of
white leaves with delicate yellow flowers
in its middle.We found on Seram the same
plant with orange blossoms (pic.# 1191)
1129  This creeper with its pink bells often
covers entire tree trunks. It looks like a bellflower
of the genus Lapageria that is native to Chile
1130  This peculiar squarish white
flower belongs probably to the
moonflower family (Ipomoea alba?)
1131  The attraction of the high growing tree
with its fleshy leaves is its blooming crown of
red “berry bundles”: Umbrella tree
(Schefflera actinophylla)
1132  Bundles of green edible fruits of the New
Guinea walnut tree (Dracontomelon dao) are
hanging from the branches. It can be compared
with the American eastern black walnut tree
1133  The modest hut along the
“Trans Papua Highway” short of
Ayamaru is built with wooden slats and
the roof still covered with straw mats
1134  Our LandCruiser takes the
next bend on the finished part of the
“Trans Papua Highway”
1135  Short but steep section of the still
partially unsurfaced “Trans Papua Highway”,
which by rain transforms into a real sliding area.
Upwards there is just spinning without differential
lock, and downwards there is just sledding –
for our 4 tons no chance
1136  View from Hotel Alvira across the
football ground of Ayamaru on the “Trans Papua
Highway”, about 100 miles [160km] from Sorong
1137  Soft evening light spreads
over Lake Ayamaru
1138  A white tower of clouds in Ayamaru,
floodlighted by the evening sun
1139  Early morning fog clings to the valleys
and hills at Lake Ayamaru, because Lake Hai
that is about 6 miles [10km] farther contains
100°F [38°C] warm water …..
1140  ….. nothing mars the absolute
tranquility of the new day …..
1141  ….. the mist is clearing and
reveals the full beauty of the scenery
surrounding Ayamaru
1142  The course of the new
“Trans Papua Highway” leads partly
still through (nearly) untouched jungle
1143  Our LandCruiser spirals upwards
on partly breathtaking steep climbs
towards the Petik Bintang Pass …..
1144  ….. flanked by walls
of impenetrable jungle
1145  Sweeping view from the Petik Bintang
Pass to the East
1146  The last, steepest and longest climb
on the (yet) unsurfaced road to the 3'284 ft.
[1'001m] high Petik Bintang Pass, by rain
a very dangerous sliding area
1147  U-turn on the Petik Pintang Pass:
We have no desire for mud games on the
still unfinished “Trans Papua Highway”
beyond the mountain pass
1148  A depressed glimpse back to Petik Bintang
Pass (at the very back), where we had unfortunately
to abandon our “Manokwari undertaking”
1149  Smoke rises from a primitive bush hut,
a woman waves with both arms. Should we
envy or feel sorry for her?
1150  A man is sitting on the floor of his make-
shift shed. Nothing else than forest around him.
What did push him to this solitary life? (resembles
a Korowai Tree House in the southeast of Papua)
1151  Between Sorong and Ayamaru the crystal
clear Karabra River is meandering through the
valley and flows finally into the Seram Sea
1152  Delicate white long-stemmed
orchids bloom at the side of the road
1153  Two motorbikers join us at the
lovely Karabra River. One wears a
colorful Bob Marley T-shirt

1154  Selfie hysteria: This family
backtracked quite a bit in order
to take a selfie with us!
1155  A picture that often stands out in the
jungle: A lonely tree raising into the blue sky
1156  On villages of the “Trans Papua Highway”
we come across of several such neat small huts,
but could not find out their significance, all the
more as this one carries the Israeli Star of David
1157  Posing for a picture with Eveline, our
attractive visa sponsor, in front of her restaurant
“Dapur Berkat” (along Basuki Rachmat km 8,
before Fave-Hotel, Coord. -0.88942/131.29802)
in Sorong, where we often had lunch
1158  Farewell picture with the crew of our
Guardian Hotel (along Basuki Rachmat km 7.5,
Coord. -0.88964/131.29445) in Sorong. Julia (far
left) was a great help at our online-purchase
of new tires in the Indonesian Bahasa language
1159  The hearty smile of this family in their
passing car in Sorong symbolizes how we will
always remember the people of West-Papua.
(Appendix March 2018: Much friendlier
than the people in Ambon)
1160  2/14/2018: The “KMP Kalabia” sails with
us in 33 hours from Sorong/West Papua via Fakfak
to Wahei on the island of Seram in the Moluccas.
Strangely it doesn't depart from Usahamina-Sorong
(Coord. -0.87739/131.25122), but from Arar-Aimas,
20 mi.[35km] more to the south (-1.02310/131.24213)
1161  The crew of “KMP Kalabia” gathers
for a picture, which only happens thanks to the
selfless escort (third from right). He guided us
from the city port to the 20 miles [35km]
out-of-town located departure terminal
1162  A group of family members makes
themselves comfortable beside our LandCruiser
for the long sea journey. Here they have
enough space to stretch down
1163  We sail between uninhabited, often
circular islands, which protect us from the swell
of the open sea. It's about a 44 miles [70km]
long narrow strait between the islands of
New Guinea and Salati
1164  As night approaches – already in the
Seram Sea – our “KMP Kalabia” sails towards
a pitch-black bad weather front
1165  Sunrise on high sea on our way to Fakfak.
This big city of about 100'000 people, still in the
province of West Papua, lies behind the two low
islands of Ega and Panjang (right) that are just
offshore. The first part is ending after 16 hours –
Ø-speed 12½ miles/h [20kmh] = 10.8 knots
1166  Fakfak on the Bomberai Peninsula is
greeting us with a lovely scenery. The yellow
dome is the mosque ‘Agung Baitul Makmur’;
the little green mosque to the right is called
‘Nurul Taqwa’
1167  On the hill glows the monumental
catholic church ‘Saint Yosef’ in the morning
sun. Below is the small mosque ‘Jami Fakfak’
1168  Also on the east side of the port mosques
dominate. Their golden domes emerge beautifully
from the green environment: The onion dome is
‘Al-Akbar’ and the round one behind ‘Al-Fatah’;
to the right at the seashore ‘An-Nur Merapi’
1169  Emil on the upper deck of our ferry in
front of the Port of Fakfak building. Here there
is no structure for discharging vehicles
1170  After an 8-hourly stopover in Fakfak we
sail for another 17 hours towards the Moluccas
islands again. Due to the lack of a ramp in this port
this is so far the only place where we wouldn't
have been able to disembark with our LandCruiser
1171  We are sailing towards the islands of
the Central Moluccas, which form together with
those from the South Moluccas the province of
“Moluccas”. In between we cross the provincial
border and say here goodbye to West Papua
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