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Pictures of our trip 2014 to Angola
- Part 2 from October 4th to 22nd, 2014
Angola Part 1 September 26th to October 4th, 2014
Namibia Part 1 from Walvis Bay to Windhoek
Cape Verde: São Vicente/Mindelo part 2April 10th to 29th, 2014
Ukraine – August 17 to 21, 2013 - Ilyichevsk Port - Odessa - Bilhorod Dnistrovsky - Moldova Border
Namibia Part 2 from Windhoek to the Angolan border, back again and on to South Africa
The unusual 30th Travel Anniversary in Angola
 Angola Map
               Southern Africa Map


latest picture: October 19, 2014
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079  After the village of Bentiaba (São
Nicolau) on the way from Namibe to Lucira
a washed-out track leads to an isolated bay
with a white sandy beach and red rocks.
It is pristine, wild and beautiful …..
080  ….. Emil and the LandCruiser
halfway hidden between the red rocks
081  The road from Namibe to Lucira
runs through a scenic mountainous
region with ever-changing colors
082  Short of Lucira it happens: The rear
right tire is losing air, inflating does not help
anymore. Under the watchful eyes of three
youngsters Emil is changing the wheel
083  The morning sun catches the
“Ponta das Salinas” lighthouse where we
spent the night – a bit north of Bentiaba
084  The village of Bentiaba (formerly
São Nicolau) along the road from
Namibe to Lucira lies in a scenic
valley near the ocean
085  The modest flat roof adobe dwellings
of the fishermen at the beach of Bentiaba
match with the brown of the environment
086  How far will this woman have
to walk with her donkey to fill her
water jerry cans?
087  At the modest fishermen’s hut in
Bentiaba it is getting lively. Children are
playing, adults go about their daily tasks
088  Our second experience through the
switch-backs of the Leba pass (first see
picture 37) near Lubango. After the track
from Lucira to Benguela is (actually?)
impassable, we drive back to Lubango
and take the new tarmac road via
Catengue to Benguela
089  A small waterfall plunges over
a vertical cliff into a pool along the
switch-backs of the Leba pass
090  Emil enjoys a well-deserved short
lunch break between greasing and an oil
change on a ramp at the workshop of
the strawberry farm ‘Jamba’ in Lubango
091  On the outskirts of Lubango children
are paddling in a creek; women use it for
washing vegetable and clothes
092  A bunch of bananas costs more than
US$ 2 at this lady seller. Fruits and
vegetables are very expensive in Angola
093  Oranges, potatoes, cabbage,
tomatoes, but mainly big white onions
are sold at this colorful village market
094  This is typical for Angola: Adobe
houses with flat corrugated iron roofs,
weighted down with stones, to prevent
them from being blown away
during a storm
095  Beautiful wreaths on trees,
produced by nature
096  On the lookout for a nightspot
between Catengue and Benguela; But
this drought-stricken region might not be
a good idea. It will burn like tinder. In case
of a bush fire, we are encircled and lost
097  Children are walking with their
empty water containers to the nearby
small pond …..
098  ….. where cows just
slaked their thirst
099  A common sight: Angola has
really still a long way to go to
become a clean country
Benguela, the city on the west coast south of the capital Luanda is a relaxed, charming place with stately
buildings from the Portuguese era, a green city park and a long beachfront promenade with a white sandy beach
100  One of the lovely colonial-style
buildings that line the city park: The
Municipal Administration of Benguela
(Administração Municipal)
101  The church “Nossa Senhora
do Pópulo”, the most famous structure
102  Another quaint building that catches
our eye: The Benguela branch of the
Ministry of Cultural Affairs (Delegação do
Ministério da Cultura em Benguela
103  Building of the MPLA-Provincial
Committee of Benguela (also called
Associação Comercial or
Palácio das Bolas)
104  This lovely mansion in the city park
of Benguela (Jardim da Administração
Municipal) houses the Community Service
(Serviço comunitário) of the Benguela Pro-
vince and looks very small in comparison
with the stately alley of palm trees
105  A Christian church overlooks the
city of Catumbela, about 5 miles south
of Lobito. The big majority of the Angolan
population is Christian, half of it Catholics
106  It is a Sunday. Church goers
gather in front of Lobito’s church
„Igreja da Arrábida“ on Lobito’s
sandspit peninsula Restinga
107  A jewel of a fading colonial
building in Restinga/Lobito that
needs urgent restoration
108  A tanker with water arrived at
a village between Lobito and Sumbe.
There is a large crowd and a rush
to fill all kind of containers
109  Green fields, a half moon shaped
bay, a white sandy beach with swaying
palm trees and the village of Quicombo
shortly before Sumbe
110  The good road before Sumbe
runs through a scenic landscape…..
111  ….. the first attraction is the
peaceful Queve River with its green,
tree lined bank
112  Just afterwards we drive along the
fertile Queve valley enjoying the lushness
and the different shades of green …..
113  ….. then we reach the beautiful
Binga Falls (Quedas do Binga). The water
rushes over the cliff and spills in a great roar
into the basin below – close-up view …..
114  ….. and longshot from
the road with the bridge
115  Besides the impressing Binga
main cataract smaller waterfalls
trickle down the rocks
116  A young mother walking
back home with her little boy
117  The houses made of reddish
adobe bricks give the village of
Caxilo near Gabela its warm look
118  Our LandCruiser speeds away
from an approaching thunder storm
119  The setting sun beautifully silhouettes
the Candelabrum cacti (Candelabrum
Cactus / Euphorbia lactea).
They emerge off and on in small groups
120  A mystic atmosphere over a
part of the mountain village of
Gabela in the highlands of Angola
121  Mist is hanging over the red brick
adobe houses of the mountain town of
Gabela nestling on a hill. Gabela is
situated on an altitude of about 3'600 ft.
122  A teacher with her children in
Gabela. Children must mostly bring
their stool to school from home
123  Traditional huts cluster near
Capanga (between Gabela and Condé)
around a perfectly shaped round boulder
124  View to the plains with the city
of Condé, 21 miles east of Gabela
125  Our LandCruiser at the village
of Condé on the road to
the junction in Quibala
126  Landscape between
Quibala and Dondo
127  The main road snakes its way
through hills covered with vegetation
northwards to Dondo and Luanda
128  Yellow flowers and a few white
calla (Zantedeschia) are lending
beauty to the austere landscape
129  At Águas Quentes – right before
Alta Hama – the 7’220 ft. tall striking
peak of “Morro Lubiri” rises from the
plain. Such rocky outcrops are
scattered nearly all over Angola
130  A teacher is educating her children
under a shady tree on a yard along
the road to Huambo
131  The 40 years lasting war has not
yet entirely eradicated its traces of des-
truction – here in Caála west of Huambo
132  At Caála – west of Huambo
– women exercise tirelessly for the
imminent arrival of the governor
133  Under the burning sun women
are beating on a slick boulder
manioc to powder
134  From head to toe laden with at least
a dozen empty jerry cans, this woman walks
to the gasoline station to get them filled
135  One of the tankers rusting away
along the road – a reminder of the
40 years fought wars: First with the
Portuguese and afterwards as a civil war
The unusual 30th Travel Anniversary:
136  A black day on the eve of our
30 years anniversary on the road,
October 15th, 2014: Our LandCruiser
loses a wheel. We crash down an
embankment and get stuck
in the red soil …..
137  ….. the traces of our LandCruiser
on the tarmac road before it veers to
the right and plummets down a slope,
almost overturns and finally gets
stuck in the red soil…..
138  ….. the wheel itself continues
for about another 700 ft. and comes to
a halt in front of an adobe hut in the
middle of a small village. A resident
rolls it back to our LandCruiser
139  Women and children of the village
peer from a certain distance towards us.
Most probably it is the first time that they
see white people in such an
awkward situation …..
140  ….. some boys however have
no problem to come curiously closer …..
141  ….. with the bicycle it
even happens faster
142  The “corpus delicti” – the broken
axle shaft – that almost put an end to
our epic journey after 432’917 miles
respectively 19’471 driving hours
143  Due to the soft soil Emil jacks up
our heavy LandCruiser not only with the
Hi-lift, but additionally with two jacks,
a big boulder and a trestle, before he is
lying under the car to open the
differential and replace the axle shaft
144  Future mechanics? These little
guys follow each movement of Emil
when he builds in the spare axle shaft
145  10/16/2014, 11am: Day of the
30th anniversary of our epic journey.
We are in no celebration mood! At
least a demoralized and exhausted Emil,
daubed by oil, grease and red soil,
wears our anniversary garland around
his neck before we risk to continue …..
146  ….. yet, two days later we still
celebrate our milestone anniversary: With
Yudo, Tania and their friends at the
strawberry farm “Jamba” in Lubango.
Tania even baked an anniversary cake! .....
147  ….. our small cheerful party
with whom we celebrate latish our
30-year anniversary on the road
148  An imposing cumulus cloud drifts
past our camping spot at the strawberry
farm “Jamba” in Lubango …..
149  ….. our last breakfast under the
fig tree (Ficus carica) before our departure
towards the south, i.e. Namibia …..
150  ….. and a last golden-red sunrise
before we leave the strawberry farm
“Jamba” in Lubango and with it one day
later in Santa Clara also Angola:
26 days – 2’317 miles
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