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Pictures of our 2nd African trip 2015 to Djibouti
- From November 18th to 27th, 2015
Ethiopia Part 1   from Kenya to Djibouti October 25th to November 18th, 2015
Armed Robbery in Malawi on July 31st/August 1st, 2015
South Africa Part 5 from the Swaziland to the Botswana border  April 28th to May 15th, 2015
Swaziland April 23rd to 28th, 2015
South Africa Part 4 from the Lesotho to the Swaziland border April 15th to 23rd, 2015
Lesotho April 7th to 15th, 2015
South Africa Part 3 from Addo National Park to the Lesotho border March 13th to April 7th, 2015
South Africa Part 2 from Capetown to Tsitsikamma National Park February 24th to March 13th, 2015
3rd Major Repair of our LandCruiser FJ60 - 1982  (due to two broken sideshafts)
South Africa Part 1 from Namibia border to Capetown January 22nd to February 23rd, 2015
Angola Part 2 October 4th to 22nd, 2014
Angola Part 1 September 26th to October 4th, 2014
Namibia Part 2 from Windhoek to the Angolan border, back again and on to South Africa
Namibia Part 1 from Walvis Bay to Windhoek
Ethiopia Part 2   from Djibouti to Sudan November 27th to December 9th, 2015
Sudan December 9th, 2015 to January 8th, 2016
Saudi Arabia January 9th to 12th, 2016
Djibouti Map
       Map of the Horn of Africa
latest picture: November 27, 2015
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001  Beach at the “Djibouti Palace
Kempinski Hotel”. It is the only real
beach in Djibouti City
002  The Hamoudi Mosque, built in
1906, is a landmark in the
“African Quarter” of Djibouti City
003  It is Friday, the Muslim “Sunday”:
The streets at the “African Quarter”
of Djibouti City are deserted
004  Next to the Nouriye Mosque at
Rue de Geneve in Djibouti City there
is an attractive house facade
005  Looking at the painting of the house
facade, it can only be a dress shop!
006  A price list of qat (Catha edulis)
– the leaves that stimulate.
They are sold in bunches
007  A salt plain dotted with palm
trees nestles at the foot of the bleak
Yaguer mountain range (4’587ft) [1’398m]
008  Afar people are nomads and
predominantly Muslim and live not only
in Ethiopia but also in Djibouti
009  On the way to Lac Assal: Some
call it “Mini Grand Canyon” – a bit
exaggerated, but still impressive. An
industrial salt production plant including
complete mining infrastructures (roads,
port of loading, etc.) is currently built
010  The ride along the Bay of
“Le Goubet” reveals enchanting views:
Here towards the future loading port
of the salt from Lac Assal
011  Embedded into black volcanic
rock are the makeshift dwellings
and the little mosque of Koussour
012  Our LandCruiser with the
beautiful backdrop of the Assal Saltlake.
It lies at 509ft. [155m] below sea level
and marks the lowest point in Africa
013  The volcanic islands “Îles du Diable”
rise from the turquoise waters of the “Le
Goubet” Bay – right the island of “Ginni
Kôma”, left “Ounda Ginni Kôma”
014  Our LandCruiser jolts on the
volcanic rock piste to one of the tourist
camps (campement touristique) at the
bay of “Le Goubet” …..
015  ….. the simple accommodation
is erected in the style of
huts of the Afar tribe
016  A stately acacia (Acacieae)
developed wonderfully between the
black volcanic rock along the RN9 to
Tadjoura between the Ardoukôba
volcano and “Le Goubet”
Endless beautiful sights to the bay of “Le Goubet”
019  The sleepy village street of Tadjoura
runs picturesquely along the seashore
and has a distinctive Arabian character
020  “Sorry, there is space for
only one of us on the windowsill!”
021  Our LandCruiser discovers
Tadjoura with its narrow alleys and
white-washed houses
022  The sleepy fishing village of
Tadjoura with the bright blue sea right at its
doorstep – view from the road to Obock
023  Impressive cumulus clouds tower
over Djibouti’s mountain desert –
forerunners of the thunderstorm
in the afternoon
024  Beach and Hotel “Les Sables Blancs“
4½ miles [7km] east of Tadjoura: A golden
strip of sand with round beach bungalows
at a quiet bay
025  Violent flash floods from the Goda
Mountains made the Dariyyou River to
rise so much that the road to Djibouti City
got interrupted at three places .....
026  .…. no way to cross today!
May be tomorrow?
027  The arid landscape of Tadjoura
reminds us to Oman on the Arabian Gulf
028  We park our LandCruiser in front
of the little harbor of Tadjoura and enquire
about the ferry rates to Djibouti City …..
029  ….. the ferry just berthed. The
LandCruiser including driver costs
DJF 6’000 (= US$35.30), a passenger
DJF 700 (= US$4.10) …..
030  ….. people, goats and cars come
on board. The scene is colorful and
reminds us of the Indonesian
ferry crossings
031  Emil drives our LandCruiser onto
the “Mohamed Bourhan Kassim” ferry,
a gift from Japan. It brings us back in
two hours to Djibouti City
032  View from the ferry back to
the jetty and the minaret of Tadjoura
033  White-washed houses with blue
doors line the seashore of Tadjoura. A
dhow is being repaired in the foreground;
in the background the Dadar mountains
034  The charming fishing village of
Tadjoura at the foot of the Goda Mountains
is merely a small slip of land when the
ferry is off to the sea
035  A landmark of Djibouti City:
The “Djibouti Palace Kempinski Hotel”
– seen from the sea
036  Three dhows are anchoring
in the port of Djibouti City
037  Towards the Ethiopian border,
the arid plain is covered with
clusters of palm trees
038  How can Afar nomads set up their
camp in such an inhospitable place?
In summer, the temperatures
can soar up to 122°F [50°C]
039  A sandstorm develops as we
are returning to the Ethiopian border
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