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Pictures of our 2nd South America trip 2019 to Argentina
- Part 3 Cachi in Calchaquí Valley to Clorinda at the Paraguay border 3/30 - 5/4/2019
Argentina Part 2 – from Luján de Cuyo near Mendoza to Cachi in Calchaquí Valley March 13th to 30th, 2019
Argentina Part 1 – from the Chile border at Los Antiguos to Luján de Cuyo near Mendoza February 7th to March 13th, 2019
Chile Part 2 from Los Lagos in Los Ríos to Chile Chico in Aysén at the border of Argentina January 27th to February 7th, 2019
Chile Part 1 San Antonio/Santiago to Los Lagos in Los Ríos December 24th, 2018 to January 27th, 2019
3rd Rejuvenation of our LandCruiser FJ60/1982 in Miri/Sarawak/East Malaysia from 2/6-5/3/2017 + continuation from 7/18-9/22/2018
Borneo-Sulawesi-Moluccas-Papua Trip (= start of 11 parts) from August 22nd, 2017 to May 27th, 2018
Myanmar (Burma) round trip (= start of 4 parts) without our vehicle from December 26th, 2016 to January 22nd, 2017
Ukraine Part 3 – from Russia border at Kyaterinіvka to port city Odessa (29th container to Bintulu/Sarawak/East Malaysia)
Sudan – from Ethiopia border to Suakin and the ferry to Saudi Arabia December 9th, 2015 to January 8th, 2016
Cape Verde: São Vicente – from Mindelo to port city of Walvis Bay in Namibia Part 1 (28th container) April 10th to 29th, 2014
Argentina Part 4 Nostalgic pictures from scanned slides of our South American journey 1987/88
Paraguay Part 1
Argentina Map
Map from southern South America
latest picture: May 3, 2019
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172  On the “Ruta 40”, here a corrugated
gravel road, on the ride from Cachi via
Seclantás to Cafayate along the Calchaquí
Valley with the same-named river
173  Nostalgic church, built of natural
stones, in the little village San José de
Elcachi on the route Cachi-Cafayate
174  Nostalgic clay ovens for baking
bread are still in use in rural areas
(“Ruta 40” Cachi-Cafayate)




175  View from the eastern Calchaquí
River side at Peñas Blancas to the
mountainous landscape of the
“Cerros de Seclantás” along
“Ruta 40” Cachi-Cafayate
176  Tributary to the Calchaquí River
in the same-named valley
(“Ruta 40” Cachi-Cafayate)
177  The fertile valley of the Calchaquí
River, about 12ms [20km] south from
Cachi near Peñas Blancas along the
untarred “Ruta 40” Cachi-Seclantás-
178  Autumn is approaching at the
municipal campsite Carlos C. Xamena in
Salta with its large swimming pool. It is the
meeting point of overlanders. Although
its cleanliness is not 100%, it is cheap
(US$4.50/day with power, hot showers)
179  Peter, a Swiss, who is on a
South American tour with his
faithful dog Chu says goodbye to
us at the municipal camping in Salta
180  Travellers meeting at the camping
in Salta: from left: Alois, Emil, Graziella,
Yvonne, Marcello. Blog of Alois and
Yvonne (Womo-Nomaden.com)
Wall art depicting local scenes at the Municipal Camping in Salta
184  A section of the Ruta RN9 between
Salta and San Salvador de Jujuy runs
through a fascinating rainforest,
a “fairytale forest” …..
185  ..... our LandCruiser on the only
13ft. [4m] wide road with its countless tight
turns. Mosses and ferns cover the thick tree
trunks up to the smallest branches .....
186  ..... it sprawls in all shades of green
187  Deciduous trees shine in their
beautiful autumn colors along the relatively
little frequented, 90km long RN9 from
Salta to San Salvador de Jujuy, also
called “Camino de Cornisa”
188  The reservoir “Embalse las Maderas”
on the relatively narrow, old RN9 near
El Carmen, just north of the provincial
border of Salta and Jujuy, surrounded by
pure nature
189  A band of white fog is moving
over the ridge of “Cerro Negro de Zucho”
(15'915ft. [4'851m]). It comes from the
tropical climate of the Río San Francisco.
The railroad line behind the car belongs to
the Jujuy - La Quiaca line, which is under
construction. It will be the second solar
railroad in the world, which should
continue through Bolivia to Cusco (Machu
Picchu) in Perú. At the moment it runs at
times between Volcán and Maimará
190  Dramatic mountain landscape in
and around Purmamarca in the province
of Jujuy in the Humahuaca Valley in
northwest Argentina …..
191  ..... strong red coloration caused
by mineral-rich rocks .....
192  ..... and various bizarre rock
formations that shape the beautiful
mountain scenery
193  The craggy mountain formations
are characteristique around Purmamarca
(Cerro de los Siete Colores/The Hill of
Seven Colors)
194  Steep little village street of
Purmamarca (ca. 2'500 people) at
7'238 ft. [2’206m] altitude with its
pretty adobe houses, surrounded by
a beautiful mountain scenery
195  The village of Maimará in the
Humahuaca Valley/Jujuy is nestling on
the foot of the impressing colourful
“sawtooth” rocks. View from “Paleta
del Pintor” viewpoint along RN9
196  Monument to the Heroes of
Independence of Argentina in Humahuaca
in the province of Jujuy at
9'734ft. [2’967m] altitude …..
197  ….. the lovely town hall (Cabildo)
of Humahuaca at the Plaza Gomes (Zoccalo) was built around 1940
similarly to the Moorish style …..
198  ..... and one of the many souvenir
shops with colorful textiles and all
kinds of odds and ends
199  Street kitchen in Humahuaca:
Chef Abel is convinced that his tortillas
filled with ham and cheese are the best
200  A little corner in the municipal
market place in Humahuaca/Jujuy
201  Humahuaca: A seller is pushing
his wheelbarrow through the street
202  One with “San Pedro” cactuses
(Echinopsis pachanoi) covered small
hill, illuminated by soft light
203  The little village church of
San Pedrito, 1½ miles [2km] north
of Maimará in a lovely mountain
setting in the Humahuaca Valley
in Northwestern Argentina
204  Our site on the camping “Mirador
El Molino” in Maimará/Jujuy Province
(about 4ms [6km] south of Tilcara with
the coloured “sawtooth” rock scenery
as background




205  Tilcara at an altitude of 8'087 ft.
[2'465m] in the Quebrada de
Humahuaca/Province of Jujuy spreads
a kind of Bolivian charme with its neat
adobe-style houses and narrow alleys …..
206  ….. there is also a somewhat
nostalgic photo shop …..
207  ..... and even still space to park
our LandCruiser for free (!) at the
roadside, although Tilcara is as touristic
as Pumamarca
208  A nostalgic mural painting decorates
a wall in the covered market hall of Tilcara
in the province of Jujuy …..
209  ..... where young vendors offer
fresh fruit of all kinds and mountains
of fresh vegetables .....
210  ..... and older generations take
a rest on the stone floor having
sometimes even their knitting with them
211  Market day in Tilcara/Jujuy: Flowers
and vegetables are offered in abundance
in the covered market hall …..
212  ..... there is also something to satisfy
your hunger: Chicken pieces are roasting
on the grill
213  Corncobs are cooked in a large kettle
214  4/21/2019: Easter Sunday: In the
small village of Tumbaya drummers and
musicians lead an Easter procession with
many religious followers .....
215  ….. along the processional route,
in dozens of places huge pieces of meat
sizzle on grills …..
216  ..... smoke is rising everywhere
and the appetizing smell of barbecue
is in the air
217  In Cobos, 25ms [40km] east of
Salta, a gaucho festival is in full swing.
Men dressed up in typical gaucho
outfit and women in long dresses are
dancing passionately
218  A handsome gaucho – a national
symbol in Argentina – watches the
dancers. He reminds us of a cowboy
in the western United States
219  Couples swing their legs to
the infectious folklore sounds




220  Putting their heart and soul into
the dance, driven by folklore music
on the tribune
221  A gaucho – the nomadic horseman
in Argentina – in his festive garment:
With “bloomers” called “bombachas”,
sombrero (hat), scarf and boots
222  Girls in colourful long skirts are
getting ready for a dance at the Gaucho
festival in Cobos east of Salta
223  View of the green valley “Valles
Calchaquí” from the ascent to the
9'980ft. [3'042m] high “El Infiernillo”
Pass in the province of Tucumán in
Northwest Argentina
224  Mountain road to the 9'980ft.
[3'042m] high “El Infiernillo” Pass to Tafí
del Valle / Tucumán – a hill resort on
6'608ft. [2'014m] altitude, where many
Argentineans have a summer residence .....
225  ….. and the Angostura Reservoir
between El Mollar and Tafí del Valle,
             popular for water sports and fishing




226  Nice company on the Tafí del Valle
community camping: The Overlanders
Yayo, Fabienne and son Lou with a
camper from Suriname
227  A yucca plant with its ripe thick
brown fruits; probably a kind of banana
yucca (Yucca baccata), although these
grow mostly in the northern hemisphere
228  No camouflage colour: A white
amphibian toad (Rhinella arenarum)
between green blades of grass
229  The descent from Tafí del
Valle/Tucumán to the east through the
“Quebrada de Los Sosa” leads through a
gorge with magnificent rainforest with
lichens, mosses and tree parasites …..
230  ….. view into the deep canyon of the
rushing torrent Río de Los Sosa. Shortly
after beginning the descent to the plain,
rising fog of the humid, huge Argentinean
Pampa is taking over
231  Camping life at the Finca of
Don Shiba in Zanjón near Santiago del
Estero, actually "only" a “day camp”,
but we were exceptionally allowed
to stay also during the night
232  Along the way on Ruta RN89
from Santiago del Estero eastwards
through the endless plain of the
agricultural Chaco of Argentina .....
233  ….. past huge cotton fields …..
234  ..... and golden glowing fields of grain
235  The yellow fruits of the pindo
palm or jelly palm (Butia capitata).
The fruit is edible
236  Probably a gooseberry tree
(Phyllanthus acidus) with its redcurrant-
like berries
237  A canna lily (Canna) in the garden of
the Hotel-Camping “Juan José” in Gancedo
in the Argentinean Chaco (Ruta RN89)
On Ruta RN89, about 10ms [17km] after Gancedo, on May 1st, 2019, the plains on both sides of the road are still
completely inundated due to heavy rain. Flocks of water birds have settled down




241  For 2 miles [3km] the flooded
 Ruta RN89 near Gancedo is passable on
May 1st, 2019, but only in one-way traffic
242  A stork also joins the
many water birds
243  Picturesque small fishing boats on the
banks of the Paraguay River in Formosa –
our last stop in Argentina before entering
Paraguay in Clorinda on May 5th, 2019
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